Ironman March Re-cap

26.2 miles on the treadmill
112 miles on the bike
2.4 miles in the water

Well, ladies and gentleman, I am happy to report that I finished Ironman March this past week. It was challenging and I was determined to get it done. I believe that exercising for a challenge gives you more of an incentive to actually put the work in. I am extremely proud of myself, not just because I took the challenge seriously but also because I am entering my third trimester of pregnancy.

Here are a few things that I learned along the way:
1. I do not enjoy riding a stationary bike (you all knew that!).
2. I really love swimming. I think it will be my go-to exercise until the end of my pregnancy.
3. I have a lot of endurance on the treadmill.
4. If you give me a challenge and I accept, I will do everything in my power to complete it.
5. With each visit to the gym I am instilling healthy habits for my family. Megan often complains about going (because she likes to be home playing with friends) but she also says things like, “mommy needs to exercise to be healthy” or “mommy I see you on the treadmill working hard!”

This month has been a real learning experience for me. I have been enlightened, and I want to thank Caitlyn at
for putting the challenge together. As I mentioned in my birthday post, I have some plans for the coming year. I am not ready to share those plans with the world, yet, but I will say that they involve working hard on my fitness levels and possibly entering some sort of race…but I am not sure what yet.

Here is a picture of me today, with my completed IRONMAN MARCH form (sorry, the form is a mess, but it was a working document after all).