Pregnancy Week 27

I might just start every week by week post saying it has been a crazy week…because very week seems crazy busy. Megan is performing with my school’s production of The Wizard of Oz this week so we have had practice every night. It has been so much fun for her, but a logistical nightmare for me. Throw in soccer practice, her regular dance class, and my class at Xavier, we have had no time for much else. FYI…I am down to my last six classes at XU. I will be so happy when it is over, not because I don’t like the class, but I absolutely hate the time it takes to get down there, sit in class for 2.5 hours and come home. By the end of the day I am whipped.
Because life is so hectic, I have not had time to really think about how I feel at 27 weeks pregnant. My belly is definitely getting bigger by the week, but I am still feeling great. I am hoping to ease through the next 12 weeks.

In great news, I spent the last 24 hours on a mini girls vacation (overnight). It was a much needed time for some fun and lots of relaxation. Oh, and we celebrated this girl is a pretty big way. I love shopping for baby items and showering awesome people with a million gifts!

Pregnancy: Week 27

Sleep: Better because I am just so tired. However, I am still up every night

Gender: Team Green

Name: I have started asking my belly to send me a sign about gender, then I can give him/her a name. Crazy much?

Feeling: Like I have no time for anything and nothing is getting done baby-wise.

Health: I feel great.

Movement: This little one is a kicker.

Belly: Getting bigger by the day

Next Appointment: Next Wednesday J


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