Weekend Round-Up

This weekend was one for the books. First off, Megan did a fantastic job in the musical. I am so proud of my little girl. She is so outgoing and interested in everything. She had a ball with the “big girls” in her dance troop and even cried when we had to leave. She is a natural on stage (I wonder where she gets that from???).

On Saturday I took off at 8:45 in order to make it to Columbus by noon. I had several stops to make including Kroger, Kohl’s, the outlet mall, and the bake shop. Would you be surprised if I said I was actually running late? Not me. I have no sense of time anymore. It is horrible. I hate being late but I find myself late all the time. It is so annoying.

I picked up my BFF and we were able to make it to the hotel by 12:45 which was 15 minutes past the actual time I was supposed to there. Then, it was all girlfriends all the time for the next 24 hours. To say I had a lovely time would be the understatement of the world. I just love being with my girls and when we are together it is like no time has passed at all.

We started the day with lunch at the Bistro at Nordstrom. It is nothing fancy, but the food is amazing. I had a cherry braised pulled pork sandwich and fries that was to die for. There was an olive aioli on the side that I could have eaten with a spoon. Thenwe just hung out all night long. It was so nice to just be away and have nothing to do but hang out and laugh until you cry. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? That game is so wrong yet so right! It was a hoot.

Beth opened her presents and we showered her with lots of love, lots of yummy food, and delicious desserts. I could go on about the food we had for a few paragraphs. My friend Susan made the most awesome taco dip I have ever eaten. I could have ate the entire bowl. We had cake from The Suisse Shop bakery. If you are local, go there! The cakes they bake are among the best I have ever had. Their frosting is like butter.

I arrived home in time to catch the end of Megan’s tennis lesson. She did an excellent job! I is amazing how I can physically see progress week after week. Shawn and I decided we are going to send her to ½ day camp this summer for a week. I know she will love it and it will give her something to do while we are adjusting the #3.


When we got home from tennis the time had come…we have been talking about taking the training wheels off of Megan’s bike all winter and it was such a beautiful day we decided this was it. Let me tell you, she was a champ. I held on to her for a while and then I was just running behind her. She had no big spills and did such an incredible job. My baby girl is growing up right before my eyes.

The day ended with laundry, light cleaning and falling into bed. I was exhausted. Still am. But, this is the kind of weekend I love!

How was your weekend? Anything new and exciting happening?