Is Life Sometimes Boring?

Is it possible to be both terribly busy and bored at the same time?
I think this is the state that I am in right now.
I am ready for a vacation or a change of scenery or something.

This morning I put together a list of things that I would like to do over Spring Break and they seemed so cliché and boring.
Maybe it is because I know we are not going on a family beach vacation this summer. Maybe I am just overwhelmed with the day to day activities of my life. Maybe I am just a really boring person.

Who knows?

I guess it is just best to be happy with the life you have been given and build the life that you want from there. I should be happy that my life is pretty status quo with no major issues. I should probably embrace the fact that in about a two months I will be pushing out a new life. That, my friends, is exciting.

For now, though, I will keep plugging along. Really, with these three life can’t be boring!

20140408-202351.jpg Why, yes, Shawn is “Sparkles” the horse, Megan is Sherif Callie, and Tyler is Debuty Peck…thanks for asking!


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