A Passionate Evening

Tonight is the night my 7th grade students will perform The Passion Play in front of our parish. This has been a tradition in our school long before I started teaching here. When I came I decided to “tweak” the play a bit and add some spiritual music, children singing and many wonderful scripture verses.

This might be my favorite, most beautiful day of the year.

This play never gets old to me. It puts me in a very spiritual place as I move forward and continue to prepare for the most holy week of our Church year.

I know I have said this before and I will continue to say it even if no one listens to me…I love my school. I love that I have the opportunity to shape not only the educational skills of my students but also their faith life. I don’t care if my students do not remember one thing that I taught them during their time in my classroom. What I do care is that they receive the truth about God and leave with a more personal relationship than they started with.

Every year when I orchestrate the Passion Play I am always amazing at how my students rise to the occasion. It is truly a wonderful site to see. I see a maturity about them and an understanding that what they are doing is important and divinely inspired. It is worth every ounce of effort I put forth.

Here are so,e pictures I took this afternoon. They do it no justice, but I still think they are neat.






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