Pregnancy Week 28


This has been a good week. Another busy week, but a fine one at that.
I need to start prepping the house for baby. I need to find our bases and car seats and any other things that might be needed immediately when the baby is born. We have a plan of taking down the guest bed and putting the crib up the Monday after Easter. Shawn is going to then put up the chair rail and re-paint. I need to buy a swing and a bouncer within the next couple of weeks. I also want to wash and dry all the baby clothes we do have so they are ready to go, whether boy or girl.

This is happening. I am excited!

Pregnancy: Week 28
Sleep: Up every night this week for at least an hour. I need a solid night. Maybe tonight?

Gender: Team Green
Name: Most definitely decided. I will do a name post soon
Feeling: Like time is moving way to fast and I can’t keep up.
Health: My blood pressure has been on the high side, I still feel sick to my stomach daily, and now I have a cold. Any questions?
Movement: This little one is a kicker.
Belly: I definitely cannot deny being pregnant

Next Appointment: In three weeks for a blood pressure check and a pre-Washington DC overview.

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