A Crazy Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous and like most of the country we spent a ton of time outside.
Megan started riding her bike without training wheels last weekend so she spent a ton of time perfecting her form in the park. Tyler finally was able to play with some of the little boys who have been hibernating all winter so that was great for him. I spent so much time outside on Sunday my cheeks were rosy. On Sunday afternoon there was a neighborhood water fight that was awesome. I wish I had taken a picture.

By the way, there was snow on the ground this morning. Mother Nature, what the hell?


This was also the weekend kick-off for t-ball and soccer games for the kids. Both kids did great. Tyler was a little apprehensive at first but after about 10 minutes he was in his element. He even hit a home run. This is funny because it is three and four year old t-ball so when a child hits all the kids from all the positions come running to get to the ball…needlesstosay, there is always a pile-up of kids gunning for the ball. Most of the boys stop at first base, but Ty kept on running, Forrest Gump style, right to home plate!
Megan scored three goals. Again, perspective, this is four year old soccer so there are only six kids on the field and no goalie so if you get away with the ball most often times you will score.
Believe me, I am not underestimating the “talents” of my children. I just want it to be real.



Megan is growing like a weed and needed all new clothes for the spring/summer. Shawn started the shopping spree on Friday afternoon and my mom finished on Saturday evening. I was worried we would not be able to find cute stuff for her because she is out of the toddler sizes and into the girl sizes, but they were able to get her some really adorable items. She even did a fashion show which was so adorable. She knew she was looking cute.

Unfortunately, the weekend did not end well. After the water fight the kids were soaked so I called them in and gave them baths in our kitchen sink. I don’t do this often, but I should, it is so much faster and easier. Anyway, I had to run upstairs for a second to get Megan clean PJ’s and a towel. I was literally gone for all of 30 seconds when I heard the most terrifying scream. Poor Tyler had opened the microwave and poured his Easy Mac down the front of him…the water was scalding hot and terribly burned his stomach. My poor baby was beside himself in pain and I made the (good) decision to take him to the Emergency Room. We are lucky that there is a satellite campus not too far from home. Shawn met me there (he was working) and by the time we got to Cincinnati Children’s Tyler had calmed down a bit. As suspected, he has second degree burns on his belly and chest. We are lucky because it was not on his face and he is going to heal just fine. They gave him a hefty dose of pain medication, a good cleaning and bandaging, and sent us on our way.


I have learned several lessons from this experience, one being that you cannot trust your kids alone for a second. Scary. Also, that children are resilient and bounce back very quickly. I stayed home with Ty yesterday and he did great; he shows his burns like a badge of honor. Also, my kids really love each other. Megan was also beside herself. She cried for Tyler and thought it was her fault because she told him the food was done.

So that’s it. My weekend in a nut-shell. Today is business as usual. I have class tonight and then I am down to three. I can smell the freedom!!!!!!

One more thing, I won a prize for Ironman March. So exciting. More exciting was exchanging e-mails with Caitlin whom I think has such an awesome blog and a neat perspective. I am not keeping the prize because, Ed’s face it, I do not need a race day belt. But, it was so awesome to be recognized. And, maybe some new readers will find my little blog.

Anyone have a great weekend?