A Lovely Day

I am currently sitting in Panera enjoying a dinner alone. Ten years ago, I would have died to sit anywhere alone…I mean, how embarrassing! But today, I am enjoying every minute of it.


Prior to this visit to Panera I had a pedicure. It was glorious.


Spring Break, 2014. I am partying like a rock star, don’t you think?

It is amazing how my perspective has changed over the last few years. I love my kids and I love my husband but I also really love a break. I love being alone, sitting alone, eating alone, and just general aloneness. I am not ashamed to say it. My alone time is very, very limited.

My mom is in town and she equally loves being alone with my children so I feel zero guilt for sitting here, taking my time, really enjoying a dinner in peace and quiet. Heck, I might even run into Charming Charlie’s when I am finished here.

I have accomplished more in our house in the last two days than I have in the past year. I have cleaned four closets, one basement, two storage areas and I am working on the garage. I dropped 5 garbage bags of stuff at Goodwill this morning and one Rubbermaid container at our local pregnancy crisis center this afternoon.

When I said I was in full-on nesting mode, I was not kidding.

It is crunch time in our household.

When I return to work on Monday I will have 25 days left of school with 5 days being spent in Washington DC with my eighth grade class. There will be 44 days left of my pregnancy. Shit is getting real around here. I am going to be a mom of three in no time at all.

I am excited and terrified at the same time.

For today, I am happy. I feel more rested then I have in the last eight months. I have slept great and enjoyed quality time with my family. I have only two weeks left off class at XU. That is happiness in itself.

Have a great day!


Pregnancy Week 29…Better Late Than Never!

I should do a side by side belly comparison…maybe next week for the BIG 3-0. This week has been good. Spring Break started on Friday and we took a weekend tip to Indianapolis. That deserves a post of its own. Let’s just say it was so fun and relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. My break is going to be filled with a lot of cleaning, donating, and hanging out. I am in full-on nesting mode. The nursery is almost finished and that deserves a post as well.

On to the stats…

Pregnancy: 29weeks

Sleep: I had the best two nights sleep in the hotel. I think I slept from 10-7 solid!

Gender: Team Green

Name: They are set.

Feeling: This has been a great week. I have tons of energy.

Health: Aside from a slight cough, I am feeling well.

Movement: We can feel kicks from the outside now. Baby is making his/her presence known!

Belly: Getting huge!

Next Appointment: May for a blood pressure an health check.