Pregnancy Week 29…Better Late Than Never!

I should do a side by side belly comparison…maybe next week for the BIG 3-0. This week has been good. Spring Break started on Friday and we took a weekend tip to Indianapolis. That deserves a post of its own. Let’s just say it was so fun and relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. My break is going to be filled with a lot of cleaning, donating, and hanging out. I am in full-on nesting mode. The nursery is almost finished and that deserves a post as well.

On to the stats…

Pregnancy: 29weeks

Sleep: I had the best two nights sleep in the hotel. I think I slept from 10-7 solid!

Gender: Team Green

Name: They are set.

Feeling: This has been a great week. I have tons of energy.

Health: Aside from a slight cough, I am feeling well.

Movement: We can feel kicks from the outside now. Baby is making his/her presence known!

Belly: Getting huge!

Next Appointment: May for a blood pressure an health check.


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