On Being Busy and Pregnant

I have been asked more than once in the last couple of weeks why I don’t just slow down and take care of myself in these last weeks of pregnancy. I know people mean well when they say it…they are not being nasty or trying to bring me down, I think they are legitimately worried. But, here’s the thing…I don’t want to slow down, I don’t want to let life pass me by while I sit in a chair and rest, and I certainly don’t want my kids to experience things without me.

When I became a mom (almost 5 years ago, I can’t believe it!) I remember holding Megan for hours and thinking of all the fun things we were going to do. It started with walks around the neighborhood and then bringing her to every function we had and now it has turned into experience life with her and now Tyler and of course in the next month we will add another Richardson to the mix. The thing is, I love me some alone time, but I love being with my kids more. I could use the excuse “I’m 9 months pregnant, go without me” but I don’t want to. I want to see their little faces (in person) when they ride their first water slide. I want to hold their hands as they are experiencing something a little bit scary. I want to live in the moment with my family. I mean, isn’t that why we have kids?


So until the contractions start, I will continue to live life per usual. If I get tired or need a break I will take the time to rest and relax. But, if I am feeling good, I will enjoy all the joys of the beginning of summer. And, even after the baby is born, don’t expect me to sit home for 6 weeks…I have places to go and people to see…I hope we can even fit in a short vacation in August…just the 5 of us.

I can appreciate all the worry that comes with pregnancy, but with this one I am not taking life for granted. I am enjoying every kick inside my belly while still embracing my outside babies who need me and want me to participate in their lives.


Pregnancy Week 34


Honestly, I have all but given up blogging because I have no energy to even complete a sentence. So many good things are happening, but I ave no desire to write them out which is a shame. Maybe I will find so energy this week…probably not.

Pregnancy: Week 34

Sleep: I have to pee every 60 minutes. Maybe this is where my energy goes.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Very pregnant, especially in my hips and pelvis

Health: As good as can be expected

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing. He/she moves from one side of my belly to the other every day. It is like an alien experience.

Belly: It is big, no denying it.

Next Appointment: May 29th for the bug 36 week ultrasound and first internal.

Pregnancy Week 33


Sorry for the delay. i have been in Washington DC for the past four days so to say I am wiped out is the understatement of the world. I am exhausted beyond all belief. I told myself that once this trip was in the books then I am free to have the baby at any time. I lied. I am not ready to have the baby yet. We have too much to do.

Pregnancy: Week 33

Sleep: What sleep I got on this trip was good sleep, but I only averaged about 5 hours each night. No Bueno.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Actually, I feel pretty great this week. I walked about 25 miles in four days so that is pretty swell!

Health: I am feeling so much better health-wise than I have felt in a long time. Winning!

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing. He/she moves from one side of my belly to the other every day. It is like an alien experience.

Belly: It is big, no denying it.

Next Appointment: May 29th for the bug 36 week ultrasound and first internal.

Mother’s Day Weekend

I am finally feeling (almost) back to normal. It was a terrible week that I would never in a million years want to re-live. The good thing is, I am at about 75% which I will take as a win.

This was a glorious weekend. On Thursday night, Shawn and I decided that we were going to try and sit down to a family dinner on the nights he is not working. Growing up we always sat at the table for dinner and I look on those memories very fondly. It was a time for our family to decompress and talk about the day. I want that same tradition in my own family. Megan was not pleased because it meant our neighbor had to go home for dinner (this needs a blog post all on its own) but once we sat down she was fine. The food was nothing special (hot dogs, mac and cheese and veggies) but it was perfect for us. We finished the night with ice cream What could be better?

I am constantly reminding myself that it is the everyday memories of childhood that I cherish the most and that I want my kids to have. I want them to know that they were loved and cared for and, especially, listened to and heard.

On Saturday I spent the morning reading seek and find books with Megan and Tyler. Man, do they love these books. They love racing to see who finds the object first and I think most of all they just love cuddling up on the couch. Around 10 I left for Columbus to pick my mom up for Beth’s baby shower. It was such a neat shower not only because it celebrated Beth but also because it was mostly moms and daughters on Mother’s Day weekend. I thought that was a clever and lovely idea.


Sunday I showered my mom with lots of love in the morning. We went to her church and she loves showing off those grandchildren, so she was in Heaven. We went to a beautiful brunch at the Hilton at Easton…this is something we used to do every Mother’s Day when my dad was living but we have just stopped doing. I wanted to bring this tradition back. It is overpriced but beautiful and a very elegant way to spend the morning. We loved it and Megan and Tyler were so awesome. I was so proud of them because normally they are not very refined in restaurants, but they definitely rose to the occasion.
We ended the morning at the American Girl and Lego stores which the kids loved.



After saying goodbye to Grammy, we headed back to Cincinnati to celebrate Shawn’s mom. Because it was a working weekend for Shawn we were only able to see each other for a little bit of time. The kids showered me with love and, per tradition, gave me gifts they picked out themselves…so I received two pairs of frog goggles for the pool and a doggy sprinkler for the backyard. Too cute.


Pregnancy Week 32

It has been a Hell of a week. I am glad it is over.
Looking forward to an excellent weekend!

Pregnancy: Week 32

Sleep: actually, I have slept more this week then I have in my life..unfortunately it was because I was in a semi-conscious state most of the week.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Very pregnant. I look in a mirror today and didn’t recognize myself.

Health: Horrible.

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing. This is the only thing that got me through the week.

Belly: It is big, no denying it.

Next Appointment: May 14th for a heartbeat check.

Back to the Land of the Living

This has been an insane week. I have basically been bedridden for the past three days and I am finally feeling a little bit human today. I updated my Facebook status by saying I was “feeling optimistic” today.
What started out as a small bump “down below” (sorry, TMI) turned into a huge problem which needed to be drained, treated with antibiotics, and left me feeling sick to my stomach and unable to keep anything down, unable to walk without feeling like I was going to pass out, and feeling like I was knocking on death’s door. I have given birth to two children, had a level 3 tear with one and a level 4 tear and ninety six stiches with the other and have not been in this kind of pain in my life. When I say I was bedridden I literally did not get out of bed except to use the restroom in 48 hours. I am talking horrible.

Alas, I am feeling better today. And I have so much going on this weekend, including an awesome shower for this girl! So, I need to feel better, I am willing myself to feel better, I am calling on God to help me feel better.

Our weekend was tons of fun. It started out with t-ball and soccer games and ended with our first visit of the season to Kings Island. Our kids loved it and we did too! It is so much fun and so nice to have passes so we didn’t feel obligated to stay the entire day (but we did anyway). I tell you what, we were so tired after we left that our whole family took a nap when we got home.





A Beautiful Gift…in a green dress

Yesterday I was given the most beautiful gift. I was invited by my oldest daughter, Megan Elizabeth, to her preschool Mother’s Day Tea. It took a couple of jumps through hoops in order to get a sub, take a ½ day off of work in the middle of the day, and juggle all that is my life in order to be there, but it was worth it, oh so worth it.

Megan met me at her classroom door and welcomed me to her tea and thanked me for coming. This was when the tears started. It was just the cutest thing ever and she was so sweet and so excited and I am tearing up again just talking about it. My place at the table was adorned with the most adorable placemat that Megan made for me. As you can see, she knows her mother well…check out what I am good at, “cleaning the kitchen and all the rooms.” HA! So true, Meg, so true.


The children gave a little singing program which was the sweetest (cue more tears). I was wondering where she learned “I’m a Little Teapot” but clearly now I know! After the songs, we said a prayer and then our children took our orders and served us lemonade, cookies, and fruit. So lovely.

Megan gave me a personal tour of her classroom, we took a picture under the “princess” tent and then it was time to go. Originally, I had asked Megan if she would like to go to lunch just us and she thought that was a great idea. But, when we got in the car she said she missed daddy and Tyler and asked if we could invite them too. She really has such a sweet heart. So, it turned into an impromptu family outing.

I returned to work at 1:30 and was on cloud 9 the rest of the day. I am just so content in my life right now. I am so thankful for the sweet life God has given me. It may not be a perfect life, but it is perfect for me. It is little things like this that remind me of all the blessing I receive on a daily basis.


Pregnancy Week 31


This has really been a great week. We celebrated Shawn’s birthday at the Red’s game on Wednesday and I attended the Mother’s Day Tea at Megan’s preschool on Thursday. It was delightful. I am feeling great and feeling ready to enjoy the next 8 weeks as a family of four. I know dynamics are going to change, but I have to believe they are going to be changing for the better. I have always envisioned my life with three children and I am becoming very emotionally attached to this new family we are going to have. I know Megan is going to be an awesome big sister and I am sure once Tyler gets over the initial shock, he is going to be a fantastic big brother.
I am excited for baby snuggles and holding my little newborn in my arms. But, I can wait a little while for that. This weekend we are going to get our season passes to Kings Island which is going to be awesome!

On to the stats:

Pregnancy: Week 31

Sleep: Oh my goodness, this has been my best week of sleep since October! I only get up to pee and I will take it!

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Really fantastic!

Health: Aside from my nagging cough, I have felt great this week. I have a lot of energy and have been doing a million things at school and around the house.

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing.

Belly: It is big, in my opinion, but someone the other day said I didn’t hardly look pregnant. That is funny!

Next Appointment: May 14th for a heartbeat check.