Pregnancy Week 31


This has really been a great week. We celebrated Shawn’s birthday at the Red’s game on Wednesday and I attended the Mother’s Day Tea at Megan’s preschool on Thursday. It was delightful. I am feeling great and feeling ready to enjoy the next 8 weeks as a family of four. I know dynamics are going to change, but I have to believe they are going to be changing for the better. I have always envisioned my life with three children and I am becoming very emotionally attached to this new family we are going to have. I know Megan is going to be an awesome big sister and I am sure once Tyler gets over the initial shock, he is going to be a fantastic big brother.
I am excited for baby snuggles and holding my little newborn in my arms. But, I can wait a little while for that. This weekend we are going to get our season passes to Kings Island which is going to be awesome!

On to the stats:

Pregnancy: Week 31

Sleep: Oh my goodness, this has been my best week of sleep since October! I only get up to pee and I will take it!

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Really fantastic!

Health: Aside from my nagging cough, I have felt great this week. I have a lot of energy and have been doing a million things at school and around the house.

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing.

Belly: It is big, in my opinion, but someone the other day said I didn’t hardly look pregnant. That is funny!

Next Appointment: May 14th for a heartbeat check.


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