Back to the Land of the Living

This has been an insane week. I have basically been bedridden for the past three days and I am finally feeling a little bit human today. I updated my Facebook status by saying I was “feeling optimistic” today.
What started out as a small bump “down below” (sorry, TMI) turned into a huge problem which needed to be drained, treated with antibiotics, and left me feeling sick to my stomach and unable to keep anything down, unable to walk without feeling like I was going to pass out, and feeling like I was knocking on death’s door. I have given birth to two children, had a level 3 tear with one and a level 4 tear and ninety six stiches with the other and have not been in this kind of pain in my life. When I say I was bedridden I literally did not get out of bed except to use the restroom in 48 hours. I am talking horrible.

Alas, I am feeling better today. And I have so much going on this weekend, including an awesome shower for this girl! So, I need to feel better, I am willing myself to feel better, I am calling on God to help me feel better.

Our weekend was tons of fun. It started out with t-ball and soccer games and ended with our first visit of the season to Kings Island. Our kids loved it and we did too! It is so much fun and so nice to have passes so we didn’t feel obligated to stay the entire day (but we did anyway). I tell you what, we were so tired after we left that our whole family took a nap when we got home.






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