Pregnancy Week 33


Sorry for the delay. i have been in Washington DC for the past four days so to say I am wiped out is the understatement of the world. I am exhausted beyond all belief. I told myself that once this trip was in the books then I am free to have the baby at any time. I lied. I am not ready to have the baby yet. We have too much to do.

Pregnancy: Week 33

Sleep: What sleep I got on this trip was good sleep, but I only averaged about 5 hours each night. No Bueno.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Actually, I feel pretty great this week. I walked about 25 miles in four days so that is pretty swell!

Health: I am feeling so much better health-wise than I have felt in a long time. Winning!

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing. He/she moves from one side of my belly to the other every day. It is like an alien experience.

Belly: It is big, no denying it.

Next Appointment: May 29th for the bug 36 week ultrasound and first internal.


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