Pregnancy Week 34


Honestly, I have all but given up blogging because I have no energy to even complete a sentence. So many good things are happening, but I ave no desire to write them out which is a shame. Maybe I will find so energy this week…probably not.

Pregnancy: Week 34

Sleep: I have to pee every 60 minutes. Maybe this is where my energy goes.

Gender: Team Green

Name: Most definitely decided. Even the middle names which is exciting!

Feeling: Very pregnant, especially in my hips and pelvis

Health: As good as can be expected

Movement: All.The.Time. Amazing. He/she moves from one side of my belly to the other every day. It is like an alien experience.

Belly: It is big, no denying it.

Next Appointment: May 29th for the bug 36 week ultrasound and first internal.


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