I’m Having a Baby

Today is my last official day pregnant. If I do not go into labor tonight then I will be induced in the morning, a large baby and extra large amounts of fluid made the decision easy for my my doctor. I have mixed emotions. It is such a gift to be pregnant and feel that baby inside my belly on the daily. What a miracle. But, it is even better to hold that precious gift on the outside, and share him/her with the world.

I could write a whole post about being team green this time around, but time is fleeting. I will just say it has been a fun little game we have played. I can say with certainty that I believe this baby is a boy, but if the baby is a girl I will be just as thrilled…shocked, but absolutely over the moon. I honestly can say the sex of the baby does not matter to me one bit. I just want a healthy outside baby.


20140618-212117.jpgmy stomach view with some special guests

I don’t know if there will be another baby after this one. It makes me kind of sad to think this stage of my life might be over tomorrow. But, I am excited for the future of our family, our party of five.

Next time I post will be a birth announcement. I can’t wait!


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