Why Yes, I Did Have a Baby!

Last time I posted I had said that I would follow with a birth announcement. I am pleased that sit has only taken me a week to sit down and write this all out. At my last appointment on Monday, June 16 the doctor did a quick assessment and it was then decided that I needed an eviction notice. The baby was feeling huge, my fluid levels were consistent with gestational diabetes and it was difficult to walk. June 19 would be the date unless I went into natural labor on my own between then.

So, I did what any hugely pregnant person would do…I planned a last hurrah to Soak City with my family of four!




By Wednesday I was feeling ready to go…cramping, uncomfortable, irritable, hormonal, everything consistent with labor being eminent. We went to dinner with my mom and the kids and I got all my last minute things ready go for an early hospital visit in the morning.

20140627-121039.jpgMy last pregnant selfie!

We arrived at the hospital around 5:45 am and the check-in process went smoothly. By 6 am I was in a room and everything began to move. There was a bit of an issue with the fluid levels being so high that they could not detect if the baby’s head was down so I had one more ultrasound to assure baby was ready. After the IV was placed and monitors were set I was given Pitocin around 8am.

20140627-121408.jpgLooking ready to have a baby

I sent Shawn down to the cafe for breakfast and no sooner did he leave that my water broke naturally. Now, when I say my water broke please imagine enough water to fill a baby pool easily. I have never in my life felt anything like it and the water kept coming and coming and coming until I delivered. I kept saying it was a jacuzzi up in there!

Everything went well throughout the morning and my mom and Shawn’s mom and the kids came in around 12:30. At the at point I had had the epidural and was feeling pretty good. I was checked right before they came in and I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced. So, I sent the family to lunch. I figured I had at least 4 hours.

20 minutes later I was feeling such extreme pressure that I called the nurse for another check. Sure enough, I was 10 cm and fully ready. She called the doctor. I called Shawn. It was show time.

Ryan Robert was born at 1:50 pm. He was beautiful. Love at first sight. I couldn’t stop crying. It really was a lovely birth. Ryan is a big boy…10 pound 15 ounces, 23.5 inches long.


Lots of drama ensured and Ryan spent the night in the Special Care Nursery, but things are fine now and we think he is just perfect!


I am feeling good and hope to be back ith a first week update soon.


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