Little Firecrackers

Is it weird that it feels like Ryan has always been a part of our family? I just love this little guy so much and he has really fit in perfectly with the life that we have created.

20140706-155547.jpg…and, he sleeps a lot!
I know it will not always be this easy to bring him everywhere and control feeding him and managing the other two, but I am thrilled to say that after just over two weeks we are not only surviving, but thriving.

20140706-155704.jpgAnd they love him so much!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We participated in the local parade and stayed for fireworks on the actual 4th and it was so much fun. On the 5th our neighbors had an awesome party and fireworks that could really have been a public display. I know I have said it before, but I just love our neighborhood and our friends here. I really could not ask for more.


So I guess you could say I am happy, very very happy. I love my life and my kids and my family and friends. All is right in the world.


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