Oh, Life

First off, shout out to my BFF for birthing the most beautiful baby boy yesterday. July 20 was a good day.

Now, let’s talk about the trenches…like, stuff is getting real around here. I have three kids and two hands and I am feeling a little like I could freak out a any moment. Alas, I know I am doing my best and this is certainly not a pity party because I could not be happier with my current situation, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult and sometimes too demanding. Here’s hoping it will get easier as the days progress, but I am not holding my breath.

I need to be more patient with my bigger kids. I have to remind myself that they are still little and I can’t expect them to act any other way than what a three and four year old would act. They are precious and curious and I do not want to be responsible for killing their spirits. However, I would love it if they just listened even 50% of the time. At the same time would be even better.

For instance this morning was a small victory as I toted all three to Kroger with me. It was a perfect shopping trip until Ryan had enough and was crying, Megan started crying for no reason (do 4 year old girls already have hormone issues?), and this happened…

20140721-113136.jpgMy precious toe-head walked right into the corner of my trunk as I was closing it. That was a Mom of the Year” moment. Emergency room avoided…he is fine.

20140721-113330.jpgBy the way, Tyler also vomited in our bed last night…good times!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I look like I may have it together but I definitely don’t have it together…not by any means. Raising healthy, (relatively) happy kids is a challenge even on our best days. Keeping them clean and fed is sometimes all you can do in a day. Super mom I am not…not even close.

In great news…we survived month #1. Yay for Ryan Robert, we love him so.


I will be back later today or tomorrow to talk about how things are going one month in.
For now, make it a good one?,


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