Happenings in List Form

Here is what is what is happening in my life today (in list form, of course):

1. Dunkin Donuts coffee: I love it when I go to a DD store, but the home version leaves something to be desired. I hate that I leaves a film on my coffee cup and pot…can we say, unappetizing????


2. Triathlon: my dear friend, Meredith Brooke Keeran Kessler, is a bad-ass. Check her Out! I saw her race for the first time to weekend and am in total awe. She rocks.


3. Tyler’s Addiction: speaking of coffee, Tyler loves it! The only way I can get him to sit still for breakfast after church is by giving him a cup of decaf coffee. Now he requests it at home…don’t judge.


4. Insatiable Appetite: I am starving all the time. Legit. Breast feeding has made me a hungry beast and, unfortunately, I don’t have a great metabolism so when I eat a ton I gain weight…so I am trying to curb the cravings with a ton of veggies and grains.


5. Dancing Queen: Megan’s dance pictures came in today. They are gorgeous. I was thinking about ending her dance career this year but now I have the dancing bug again. I can’t shake it…I love tap dancing!


6. Spirituality: I have been really examining my spirituality and faith life quite a bit lately. I don’t know if it is having a child or getting older or what, but it has sort of rocked me a bit. Our God is a good and loving God, I truly believe that. I am made perfectly imperfect and sometimes that is hard to swallow. I have a lot of shortcomings and I have had heartache in my life, but I believe God surrounds my life and I need to focus my energy on that.


7. Baby Fever: I can see why Michelle Duggar has so many children. Babies are just so unbelievably awesome. Even with all the poop and lack of sleep and high maintenance of it all, I would have another one in a heartbeat.


8. Sleepovers: we had the neighborhood girls over for a sleepover on Friday night. Many people thought I was crazy, I thought it was so much fun.


9. Swimming Lessons: Both kids are taking swim lessons on Saturday morning. Megan swims like a fish and loves the lessons, Tyler not so much…but he was so much better this week than last week. All I ask for is progress and he delivered.



10. A Free Night: the big kids are at my sister-in-laws house for a sleepover, Shawn is at work and Ryan and I are chilling. The house is freakishly quiet. I thought I would like it, but it is kind of lonely.



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