Long Time

I didn’t plan on taking a few weeks off intentionally. And I am not going to use the excuse that having Ryan makes it to difficult to blog. I just have chosen it to make time for blogging and that is okay because this is my blog and I can do what I want. So there’s that.

Things have been quickly moving here. We enjoyed our last weeks of summer, took a fantastic vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC and I started back to work last week. We are adjusting pretty well. I always have said that I didn’t want to be a stay at home mom. I love my job and I enjoy getting out for the nine months I am in school each year. But, man, I miss being here when I am gone. I miss slow mornings and loving on my kids and just being present for each moment in their lives. Know time is fleeting and I hate missing anything.

Ryan is getting so big and Megan and Tyler are turning out to be wonderful big siblings to him. They will love him to death if we are not careful!


20140824-090359.jpgLittle Mommy
All in all, life is good and busy and crazy and happy. I do really love my life and I need to stop and count my blessings more often.


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