Snow Days Rock

So, my relatives in the Buffalo, NY got hit massively with snow. My nanny (who will turn 100 in May) got so much snow that they can’t even get out the door. She is fine and happy and warm in her room, but still, it is crazy.

Here in Cincinnati, OH, we got hit also…with about 6 inches. It is sort of funny to compare how southern Ohio handles snow with how western New York does. Anyway, school was closed on Monday so that meant out first SNOW DAY! Of the year.

Even though I was up at 4am with Ryan, it is still always great to see your district’s name across the TV screen. Like a little gift wrapped in a bow.
Of course, Megan and Tyler wanted to get out there right after breakfast. Our little friend, Hailey, from down the street also spent the day with us which just added to the party. I have a big breakfast rule on snow days. Must.make.pancakes.

So I did and we ate and we bundled and the whole family made our way outside.



Some of us were happier about the snow than others.


So, then, everyone got cold and I made hot coco and then we played. And then, like it was Heaven sent, my neighbor texted that she would like to have the kids down for a movie…so I sent them two doors down to watch “Saving Christmas” and I nursed Ryan in peace and quiet and then we took what I would call a “Long Winter’s Nap.” Glorious. Just glorious.


I love snow days…even when I am frazzled going back to work the next day I still love them.

My Love Hate Relationship with Nursing

I am a seasoned nurser.

I call myself this only because I have successfully nursed three children. I do not claim to know everything about it. If people ask me for advice, I will (happily) give it. I do not play into any kind of “Mommy Wars” on this subject. Feed your kid. Period.

I nurse because I can. I nurse because financially it makes sense for my family. I nurse because I love to do it and I find it easy and convenient to do.



I absolutely HATE HATE HATE pumping. It has to be the biggest time suck (literally) of my life. I hate cleaning the pump, I hate cleaning the bottles. I hate trying to find time during the work day to do it. I hate that everyone knows what I am doing in the teacher bathroom. I hate that we have no nursing room and I have to pump in the bathroom. I hate the sound of the pump sucking me dry. Pumping is my personal hell.

This year we made a decision that I would only pump enough for me to be able to nurse Ryan. Meaning, I do not produce enough to sustain Ryan so we have to supplement with formula. I do not feel any guilt about this fact.

Ryan is fed and happy so I am happy.

Glad I got that off my chest. HA.

20141115-193940.jpgThe after eating coma. I love that sweet face.


I’ve realized something about myself. On Netflix, I am only able to watch one show at a time. For instance, I finished Gossip Girl which freed up time for me to watch House of Cards and when I was caught up with that I could watch Orange is the New Black. Now that I am finished (for the time being) with OITNB I am now able to watch season 4 of Pretty Little Liars.

This is so strange to me because I watch a million different shows on regular TV (which I DVR) at once. Since I am up in the middle of the night (Ugh…that deserves its own post) I watch all the shows in any order I want…

I also never watch Netflix at home…just at the gym or other random times.

SO weird.

What does this say about my personality?


Thank a veterinarian

Megan came home from school yesterday with a card she had made. It was really well done, with stars and stripes on the front and carefully placed letters “thank you” on the inside. She was so proud of herself and told me we needed to give it to a veterinarian tomorrow (today) because it was Veterinarians Day for the whole country.

Oh, how I just love that girl.

In all seriousness, I do want to remember all of the men and women who have given their lives both physically and mentally to make our country a better place to live. I found myself a bit choked up this morning as we stood at Veterans Park in Loveland and thanked the many people who had served our country in some capacity.
No matter how you feel about our president or our military, today is a day to remember that it is people who give of themselves every day.

So, thank a veterinarian (Veteran) today!


Welcome, Ryan Robert

As I said before, I have sort of been overwhelmed the last week or two. I am actually feeling better today and the weekend was just what I needed to bring my sanity back. We spent a lot of time together just as a family of five which is something I really crave. I love having people around, but it is always nice to just lay low for a while and just chill with my tribe.

Being overwhelmed, it is easy just to pass over things, but I don’t want to do that…

On November 2, we welcomed out sweet baby boy, Ryan, into the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful day outside to match the wonderful occasion inside. With each child I have seen how meaningful this rite it is. I have always loved watching Baptisms at our church, our priest does an amazing job welcoming not only the new member, but the entire family as well. The congregation is encouraged to gather around the font to see the Baptism up close and participate.
There were so many children and families gather around the font it was almost overwhelming. Being that I teach at the school connected with the church I worship, many of my students came to 9:45 mass because I invited them during the previous week.

We had family over afterwards and it was a delightful day. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this post will be quite full!








20141109-063312.jpg Megan and her BFF, whose mom happens to be my BFF of 35 years

I would call the last few weeks very busy in my world. Ever since we “fell back” it seems like I have a lot less time to do things that I need to get done…like laundry and dishes and making beds…et al.
I wish I could get to the gym more, but I have just not made it that big of a priority in my life. But, I need to. I want to be fit and healthy but it is so hard to find the time. I know this is a huge excuse, but it is my reality. I feel like my day is filled with so much to do that the last thing I want to do is take the kids to another place, get them out of the car, into the kids zone, change my clothes, work out, rinse and repeat. I even tried this week to start C25K which is only a committed 20 minutes three times a week. I made it one day, for a half hour. I felt AMAZING afterwards. In fact, I walked/ran two miles faster than I ever have before. But, alas, I haven’t made it back since Monday night.
I feel like I am being mediocre at everything and exceptional at nothing. I know this is a season of life, and I by no means want to wish this time away. But, I also want and need to be better at, well, everything, really. So, I am going to give myself the weekend to kind of get it together as far as my fitness and overall health plan goes, and then I am going to be committed again on Monday. Three days a week is all that I need. Just three days.
You all know how much I love my job and my school. I feel privileged that I get to wake up and do something that I love. But to say that having a newborn and two other children to attend to and a job is difficult is an understatement. It has been a hard transition back to work this time around. I still love my job, but I am working on patience and organization and diligence almost every day. It has been rough…not that my students have noticed. My lessons have been better this year than they have ever been (in my opinion). I still love my work, but it is sometimes harder to get out the door than it used to be.
WOW…I have complained a lot in this post. I really didn’t mean to. I still feel blessed in this life that is mine. I am still honored to be the mother of my children and the wife to my husband. I just need to breathe and see the reality of life in the moment.

20141109-063437.jpgfirst snow

20141109-063529.jpgBoo Boo Bear