20141109-063312.jpg Megan and her BFF, whose mom happens to be my BFF of 35 years

I would call the last few weeks very busy in my world. Ever since we “fell back” it seems like I have a lot less time to do things that I need to get done…like laundry and dishes and making beds…et al.
I wish I could get to the gym more, but I have just not made it that big of a priority in my life. But, I need to. I want to be fit and healthy but it is so hard to find the time. I know this is a huge excuse, but it is my reality. I feel like my day is filled with so much to do that the last thing I want to do is take the kids to another place, get them out of the car, into the kids zone, change my clothes, work out, rinse and repeat. I even tried this week to start C25K which is only a committed 20 minutes three times a week. I made it one day, for a half hour. I felt AMAZING afterwards. In fact, I walked/ran two miles faster than I ever have before. But, alas, I haven’t made it back since Monday night.
I feel like I am being mediocre at everything and exceptional at nothing. I know this is a season of life, and I by no means want to wish this time away. But, I also want and need to be better at, well, everything, really. So, I am going to give myself the weekend to kind of get it together as far as my fitness and overall health plan goes, and then I am going to be committed again on Monday. Three days a week is all that I need. Just three days.
You all know how much I love my job and my school. I feel privileged that I get to wake up and do something that I love. But to say that having a newborn and two other children to attend to and a job is difficult is an understatement. It has been a hard transition back to work this time around. I still love my job, but I am working on patience and organization and diligence almost every day. It has been rough…not that my students have noticed. My lessons have been better this year than they have ever been (in my opinion). I still love my work, but it is sometimes harder to get out the door than it used to be.
WOW…I have complained a lot in this post. I really didn’t mean to. I still feel blessed in this life that is mine. I am still honored to be the mother of my children and the wife to my husband. I just need to breathe and see the reality of life in the moment.

20141109-063437.jpgfirst snow

20141109-063529.jpgBoo Boo Bear

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