Welcome, Ryan Robert

As I said before, I have sort of been overwhelmed the last week or two. I am actually feeling better today and the weekend was just what I needed to bring my sanity back. We spent a lot of time together just as a family of five which is something I really crave. I love having people around, but it is always nice to just lay low for a while and just chill with my tribe.

Being overwhelmed, it is easy just to pass over things, but I don’t want to do that…

On November 2, we welcomed out sweet baby boy, Ryan, into the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful day outside to match the wonderful occasion inside. With each child I have seen how meaningful this rite it is. I have always loved watching Baptisms at our church, our priest does an amazing job welcoming not only the new member, but the entire family as well. The congregation is encouraged to gather around the font to see the Baptism up close and participate.
There were so many children and families gather around the font it was almost overwhelming. Being that I teach at the school connected with the church I worship, many of my students came to 9:45 mass because I invited them during the previous week.

We had family over afterwards and it was a delightful day. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this post will be quite full!








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