My Love Hate Relationship with Nursing

I am a seasoned nurser.

I call myself this only because I have successfully nursed three children. I do not claim to know everything about it. If people ask me for advice, I will (happily) give it. I do not play into any kind of “Mommy Wars” on this subject. Feed your kid. Period.

I nurse because I can. I nurse because financially it makes sense for my family. I nurse because I love to do it and I find it easy and convenient to do.



I absolutely HATE HATE HATE pumping. It has to be the biggest time suck (literally) of my life. I hate cleaning the pump, I hate cleaning the bottles. I hate trying to find time during the work day to do it. I hate that everyone knows what I am doing in the teacher bathroom. I hate that we have no nursing room and I have to pump in the bathroom. I hate the sound of the pump sucking me dry. Pumping is my personal hell.

This year we made a decision that I would only pump enough for me to be able to nurse Ryan. Meaning, I do not produce enough to sustain Ryan so we have to supplement with formula. I do not feel any guilt about this fact.

Ryan is fed and happy so I am happy.

Glad I got that off my chest. HA.

20141115-193940.jpgThe after eating coma. I love that sweet face.


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