Snow Days Rock

So, my relatives in the Buffalo, NY got hit massively with snow. My nanny (who will turn 100 in May) got so much snow that they can’t even get out the door. She is fine and happy and warm in her room, but still, it is crazy.

Here in Cincinnati, OH, we got hit also…with about 6 inches. It is sort of funny to compare how southern Ohio handles snow with how western New York does. Anyway, school was closed on Monday so that meant out first SNOW DAY! Of the year.

Even though I was up at 4am with Ryan, it is still always great to see your district’s name across the TV screen. Like a little gift wrapped in a bow.
Of course, Megan and Tyler wanted to get out there right after breakfast. Our little friend, Hailey, from down the street also spent the day with us which just added to the party. I have a big breakfast rule on snow days. Must.make.pancakes.

So I did and we ate and we bundled and the whole family made our way outside.



Some of us were happier about the snow than others.


So, then, everyone got cold and I made hot coco and then we played. And then, like it was Heaven sent, my neighbor texted that she would like to have the kids down for a movie…so I sent them two doors down to watch “Saving Christmas” and I nursed Ryan in peace and quiet and then we took what I would call a “Long Winter’s Nap.” Glorious. Just glorious.


I love snow days…even when I am frazzled going back to work the next day I still love them.


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