Checking In

I have been sort of a blog slacker lately. Really, I have sort of been a life slacker if you want to know the truth. With the cold weather setting in, driving a neighbor to and from school, and just being tired; life has seemed to slow down to a snail’s pace for me. This means, no blogging, no working out, no doing anything really fun for myself, nothing.

20141206-161951.jpgI have spent time outside when the weather has not been crappy…that one day in November.

I am hoping once the holidays are over, I will feel a new zest for life again.

20141206-162140.jpgThis was fun

As much as I love seeing Christmas and Thanksgiving through the eyes of my children, the holidays are still very difficult for my since my dad’s passing. It is just another harsh reminder of the one thing that I really want that I will never again have. Believe me, I know I am blessed beyond words. I have a wonderful life with a great family and my cup runnith over. With all that said, it is still depressing for me. And I let this feeling ruin a lot of my days. I become a miserable person to the people I love the most (namely, my husband). I become bitter and defensive and annoyed very easily. I get mad at people and internalize everything until my heart is broken in pieces. I tend to look at the cup as half empty instead of half full.


20141206-162308.jpgI did bust a move at a fab ’80s party for my BFF

So this Advent Season, I have decided to be really intentional about happiness. I am going to prepare for Christmas by doing things that make me and my family happy. I am going to extend myself a little more than I usually do without complaint. I am going to be especially nice to my husband. I am going to be a little more patient with my children. I am going to forgive feely and not let the little things become big issues. I am going to eat peppermint ice cream (because I love it).


20141206-162533.jpgBecause, really, life is pretty awesome


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