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I made it to the gym again last night.  Once again I spent some time on the treadmill.  At this point in my life I am not really concentrating on speed, just movement.  Getting 45 minutes of solid movement in is all I am asking of myself.  The “Before” me would say that is not good enough, but the “Today” me says it is alright because I am gearing up for some hard work starting in January.


I have an iPad that I use whenever I am working out.  I enjoy watching trashy TV on Netflix.  It makes the time go much faster for me.  However, the Internet at the gym has not been so great, so, instead, I have been listening to Pandora (mostly DMB, Bare Naked Ladies, and PINK radio) and I just downloaded a book.  The book is called Heaven is Here by Stephanie Aurora Clark Neilson.  Stephanie writes a popular blog that I have been following for a few years now.  Basically she lived a very perfect fairytale life until she almost died in a plane crash.  Her story is actually pretty amazing.


Some blogs I have read for several years now and I feel like I know the writers well.  It is strange, because, in fact, I do not know them at all.  Blogging is funny that way.  I also hate it when I have read a blog for years and then the person stops writings and doesn’t tell anyone.  It’s like the “friendship has ended and I mourn it in a way.  What has happened to you Beth Ann????

Personally, I know I have a couple readers, but I am sure there are other people “out there” who read this blog.  It is kind of neat to think about.  I write on this blog because I like to have a journal that I can look back on.  I have never been interested it advertising this blog or making myself known, but if that were to happen, it would be fine too.


We started feeding Ryan baby food this week.  He seems to like it okay.  We started with cereal which he is not impressed with but he finds sweet potatoes and apples to be pretty darn good.  Just like the other two…they love those sweet potatoes!


I have not bought one Christmas present yet.  Yesterday I did make a list of everyone we need to buy from and what I think I will be getting them.  I am thinking about making it a “Kohl’s Christmas” because I have some Kohl’s Cash and coupons and it just makes financial sense.  Some people might be stressed out about this but I am not.  In fact, I kind of like waiting until the last minute.  When I am finished working on the 19th, we will head out to the mall and get all of the things.  It is like a special date night for Shawn and meJ


I love Starbucks


I am showing my 7th grade students The Ultimate Gift.  It is such a wonderful story and puts me in a great mood.  If you have never seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it over the holidays.  You will not regret it.


I love Old Navy.  I love it even more now…I ordered a few things (for myself) last week while they were 30% off.  My shipment is still pending and I saw yesterday that everything was now 40%.  I e-mailed customer service to see if they would honor the 40% thinking they never would.  But, you know what?  THEY DID!  What AMAZING customer service!  It makes me want to order more (which I am sure I will).


I am getting a Fitbit for Christmas from the pastor at my church.  Every year we receive $100 in our paycheck as a “Christmas Bonus” but this year he asked if we would like a Fitbit instead.  Um, yes, please!  So excited about this!


Only one more week until Christmas Break!  It is going to be a long week filled to the brim with evening activities, but nonetheless I am super excited about having two weeks off!

An oldie but a goodie of my BooBoo Bear!

An oldie but a goodie of my BooBoo Bear!


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