For my work Christmas gift we had a choice, $100 put in our paychecks (with Uncle Sam taking 25%) or a Fitbit. I chose the Fitbit and it sat under the tree since December 17. Untouched. On New Years Day I finally broke open the packaging and gave it a try. Upon my first observations, I think I am going to like it. After I loaded the app on my phone, I am able to see all of my stats right in front of me. My goal is 10,000 steps a day and on the lazy days of winter vacation that has been tough. But the last two days I have gotten myself to the gym and it seems attainable. I will be motivated by getting those steps in…when I have a goal I must accomplish it.

As you probably can tell, one of my main goals for 2015 is getting in shape and losing weight. I am happiest about 70 pounds less than my current weight. I would be happier about 90 pounds less than I am right now, but I have never been able to maintain that weight for more than a minute…okay, maybe 2 days. It is going to be difficult because I love food and I enjoy being lazy; both problematic when you want to be healthy and fit. But I need to do it. I feel awful right now and I know with a bit of effort I will feel better within the first week. That is the ironic thing…I feel 100 times better when I am exercising, eating well and losing weight, however, it is the first thing in my life that I always let go to the wayside. Why do I do this to myself???

I am not doing any crazy diet or exercise regiments…just working to eat healthy meals and move every day. I am eliminating a lot of things that are unhealthy…first, unhealthy snacks and eating senselessly in the teacher’s lounge are gone (forever, hopefully). Mostly I just need to control my portions and make better choices.

I also joined Chris and Heidi Powell’s Diet Bet. Nothing will motivate me more than losing 30 bucks. I am pretty much the cheapest woman in America. There is no way I am giving up tat money. No way. I will
need to lose 4% of my body weight in the month of January. Definitely doable with some smart changes.

It’s seems in the blog world everyone picks a word to define the year ahead. I having been thinking about a word for am and I just don’t have it yet. But I will have it by the end of the weekend.



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