Make A Change Monday #1

I lost my Fitbit this morning. I know I had it on for a while because we had a 90 minute delay so I was running around the house doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, putting away clothes, and picking up toys. By the time I left the house I had 2,400 steps (I checked on my phone). I have to believe it fell of when I was getting the kids ready to get in the car. I have an irrational fear that it is gone forever. In the short time that I have had it I have sort of become obsessed with it…and I will have to replace it if it is lost…and I am totally cheap, so that will break my heart. I hope it is just lying on the floor right in front of the door when I get home. That would make me so happy.

I have decided to report on my weight-loss goals and activities every Monday because I am going to weigh-in on Sunday morning. I am going to call this post “Make a Change Monday” and this will be a place where I can see my progress and/or set-backs. If anyone out there reads this blog (BethJ) and has a blog and would like to join in the fun, feel free to use the same title and then comment so I know you are doing in and I can follow you also!

So here I go…

I actually had a great first week. In my experiences first weeks are always the best weeks because I can always stay pumped for a week. It is week #2 that makes me nervous. In terms of good first weeks, this is the best one I have had in a long time. Not that it was easy by any means, but it was tolerable. I find that I have to really PLAN well in order to have a good week. I am not going to use having children as a crutch, but I will say that the kid factor makes everything just a little more tricky.

I stayed within my calorie range which is always difficult for me, but I did it. I was very proud of this! I really stuck to a meal plan and followed it pretty closely. If you saw my breakfasts, lunches or dinners you might not even think I am dieting. I ate delicious food and I planned full meals and snacks so I had a lot of choices. This is something I always mess up in the beginning. I try and control too much and then I want to eat ALL THE FOOD. So this time I did not deprive myself; I did, however, give myself a lot of portion controlled items so I had a choice of what I wanted and if I wanted everything for lunch instead of saving something for an afternoon snack, so be it! This plan worked great for me. Even when I came home from the gym and was starving, I planned a snack to tide me over while I made dinner.

As far as exercise goes, I absolutely nailed it. I made it to the gym 6/7 days even in sub-zero temperatures with three kids in toe. I am also very proud of myself for that.

I am going to have month by month goals for now because I have no idea at this point where I want to be. Oh, and I know the first week is always a big loss but I am happy with it nonetheless!

Here are my stats for this week:

Weight Loss: -6.4
January Goal: -12
# Away from goal: -5.4
Reward: Gel Manicure


5 thoughts on “Make A Change Monday #1

  1. Sounds like you are doing great! Awesome job getting to the gym with 3 kids!! I also fall into a similar pattern of trying to restrict too much, and then when the week is over eating everything in sight. I’m about 2 weeks into my diet and really trying not to restrict myself too much because I know it does no good in the long run. I know I’ve lost some weight, I can feel it, but I have been too afraid to step on the scale in months.

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