My Homily

I spoke at church this morning.

It was humbling to stand in front of the children and teachers in my school and pour my heart out.  I cried a little.  I didn’t mean to, but the subject of life is a very personal on to me.  I started out with this….

Today we celebrate life.  As you sit here in church, there are close to a million people, both young and old, arriving in Washington DC to celebrate the life that God has given them and praying that all life will be considered sacred from the moment of conception until ones last breath on earth. 

I am Pro-Life and proud of it. 

I believe that all life is created by God and for God at the moment of conception until a person’s last natural breathe.  I know that every person is fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  Each time I delivered one of my children I saw life in its purest form.  God’s presence was felt when the doctor placed my babies into my arms. In my children’s eyes I have seen God.  I have also seen the end of life, when I stood in the room as my father closed his eyes and was placed spiritually in the arms of our Lord. I felt God’s presence in the smoothness of his hand that day.

Yes, all life is precious…no matter if the life is living in its mother’s womb, a day old, 5 years old, thirty years old or even 100 years old.   But choosing life is not always about the beginning and the end…in fact, it is the middle that I feel counts the most.

I went on to talk about how I choose life every day by treating people with respect and dignity.  I also spoke about how God can transform each of us into “Soldiers for Christ” to not only defend our faith but defend people who might be marginalized in our society.

Things went well.  I am happy with the point I was trying to make and think everyone in the church could relate to what I was saying.

Now I am completely emotionally drained.  I have a headache and my back hurts and I just feel so run down.

It has been a long week and I am happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!


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