Celebrating Four

I can’t believe this sweet thing turned four years old this week.

We started the celebration on his actual birthday with a dinner date at our local “fire” place (aka Chinese restaurant) since it is a family favorite. He opened a couple of special presents from his brother and sister that night.

The real celebration started in Saturday morning with a trip to McDonald’s with his grandma and uncle. We never go inside Mickey-d’s so that was a real treat.
Then, the magic happened. We headed to his real birthday party with fourteen of our favorite kids with his. Tyler is all about TMNT and baseball, so his party reflected his two loves. We had a wonderful day. A special time for a special boy. Tyler is such a little charmer. He is so stinkin cute and has a hilarious personality. Everyone who meets him loves him, seriously. And he is lucky he is cute because he is also a stinker. Even though he is getting to be a big boy he still loves to be held and cuddled and I still rock him to sleep which I personally love. I hope he always has a sweet heart and finds joy in everything he does.

Here is a list if Tyler’s favorites:
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Snack: Doritos
Drink: Chocolate Milk
Toy: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Game: TMNT Trouble
Activity: playing baseball
Best Friends: Jackson and Will from pre-school
Sayings: “What the Heck?” “Are you serious?” ” Thanks, Chuck!”
Tyler gives the best hugs and kisses in the world! He will let you hold him for hours. He is definitely a lover.

And now for an explosion of pictures…







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