Make a Change Monday #5

Make a Change Monday #5

Another week is down for the books.  It has been a better week than last.  Physically, I am feeling much stronger and my back seems to be doing better.  I am certainly not at 100% but I would say I am in the 90% range most days.  Back issues are awful for so many reasons but the biggest is that it affects everything you do in your life.  I do not sit down, stand up, walk, run, put in a load of laundry, make a bed, or anything without first thinking about the movement I am about to make and feeling and acknowledging what my body is telling me.  It is something I will live with for the rest of my life.  I am not complaining about it, just facing the facts.

I am happy to report that diet and exercise-wise it has been an awesome week for me. Something in my brain has “clicked” and I feel like I am on a great path.  As with any change, things could downward spiral very quickly, so I am not taking this great attitude for granted.  It is still a day to day hour by hour minute by minute struggle sometimes.  I am so glad I have my friend Beth with me on this journey.  It is nice to have someone to check in with who “gets it” and does not judge!

As for non-scale victories, I have had a few this week that I would like to write about. First, I ordered a pair of jeans from Old Navy to get me through until more of my pants fit (I assume everyone has done this at some point in their lives) and when they came in they were too big.  Yes, my friends, TOO BIG!!!!!  I mean, they were not a size smaller than I normally wear or anything like that so I am not like having-a-party excited, but I am happy that finally I am moving in the right direction!  With that, I decided to try on a pair of my own jeans that I was not able to get around my hips in December and they FIT!!!!!  They were not even skin tight.  I wore them to church on Sunday!!!!!  Finally, with Tyler’s birthday, there was all the cake and all the food and I really did keep myself in check.  I indulged in a couple of things that I thought were worth it (cheese balls) and skipped mostly everything else.  I ate my calories in cheese and crackers, but I was fine with that.

My work-outs were back up to about 90% (with my back issues) and I did manage to make it to the gym 4 days this week so I have stayed within my February goals.  I have fallen in love all over again with the Elliptical Trainer.  Such a good, hard exercise!

Oh, and I will be getting my manicure sometime this week, for sure!!!!

All in all, I would say this has been an amazing week.  It was not easy, but things that are worth it usually are not.

Who is on this journey with me?  How was your week?

Here are my stats for this week:

Weight Loss: -6.6
Total Pounds Lost:  -18.8

February Goal: -10
# Away from goal: -4.4
Reward: Another Gel Manicure


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