Snow Daze

We are on our second snow day this week but if you count us being off for President’s Day this makes a grande total of 5 days off. Not to gloat, but I love me a snow day! (It’s why I became a teacher, not really, maybe a little bit!)

I have enjoyed spending time at home with my kids…I did not enjoy my co-workers (who have no kids or who have teenagers) having a play-by-play snow report over group text this morning. Sleep people, sleep when you can!

However, I will take it if it means hanging in my Jammies all day.

To me, unplanned days off give me an opportunity to spend extra time with my family, but it also gives me a chance to catch up on chores that I never seem to have time to get to. I re-organized Ryan’s drawers because he is growing like a weed and barely fits into 12 month clothes now! I also cleaned our basement which was in shambles. I opened new toys for Ryan that he is really enjoying. I cleaned out Megan’s sweatshirts and gave anything that didn’t fit to a neighbor. I spent yesterday morning cleaning and re-arranging our toy box (mostly Tyler’s TMNT) in the living room. I cleaned out all the junk drawers (4, I am embarrassed to say) and art cubbies and Megan’s hair bows and ties. Today I am planning to take down the Pack-n-Play that has been sitting in our garage since Christmas

WOW, I am tired just thinking about that.

I feel great about it though. Very accomplished.

I also spent time playing and hanging out and resting. We had six children over to the house yesterday for play and movies which was a lot of fun.

I am going a little stir crazy and I would love to be able to go to the gym but the roads are horrible and I am not risking it. I have managed to get in 10,000+ steps each day, but without “real” exercise I fear my weight going up this week.

Today is Ash Wednesday and I was looking forward to church services, but if the plow does not come through that might not happen either. Ahem…give and take.

Have a great day! I will end
with a couple if pictures of what has been going on…

Waffles for everyone!

Ryan’s new toys!


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