Make a Change Monday #8

I will start on a positive note…I was finally able to fit in my gel manicure for meeting my January goal (one day before the end of February, but still, I am happy about it) That may be my only positive of the week.

I have fallen…and I have fallen hard.

Ever since the unexpected week off of work I have been on a horrible slippery slope called the “February Funk.” It has been awful and I have been trying to work my way out of it and I finally have today.

It is March and I am happy about it.  Goodbye February.  I will not miss you.

I started over this morning.  I am still down quite a few pounds from the beginning of January, but I am nowhere near where I wanted to or planned to be in my weight loss journey.  Enough is enough. I have to be better and I have to give myself less slack.  It is a necessity.   I get so off track when my schedule even gets a bit off.  This has been my downfall for a long time…I am a creature of habit and routines and doing things a certain way.  But this is life and life is not pretty and wrapped in bow all the times.  Things will get harder and more crazy as the years go on so I am just going to have to get used to adapting and changing and fitting in a workout when I have the time…even if it is only 15 minutes.  I have to eat what I track and not a bite more.  And, if I want more, I need to track it and deal with the consequences.

The thing I hate most about this hole I have put myself in is that I HATE how I feel when I am not tracking and exercising.  I LOVE how my body feels when it is in transition.  I can actually feel the burn inside of me.  I am not sure if anyone understands this feeling, but it is awesome.  I want to feel it again.  Like, right now, today.

I only met my salad goal.  I did not work out 4 days a week nor did I lose ten pounds this month.  I am down, but not defeated. Actually, I am really not down.  I feel good today.  I feel ready to get back on the bandwagon and conquer this thing.  I have no goals for the month other than to be down at the end of it.  I know what I have to do to get there.

I will be 40 on March 26 and even though I will be no where near a weight that I would like to be at, I will feel better than I do today.  That is a promise!

Here are my stats for this week (I am owning them, even though it sucks):

Weight loss: +3.6
Total Pounds Lost: -14.6


2 thoughts on “Make a Change Monday #8

  1. Friend- I am right there with you. I just went to to grocery store to get ready for the week. I have fallen off the wagon big time and it’s time for me to get back on. It’s such a pattern. I lose that first 10 lbs then party the time away when I have lots of tens of pounds to lose!!

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