5 Facts (Ryan)

Ryan is teething something fierce. He has 6 teeth total now and seven and eight are starting to break through the gums. I don’t think that is normal. I guess it is his normal.
He is still super happy, though…Tylenol for the win!

I started seriously sleep training this week. I am a total wreck about it. I have never been able to let my children cry it out, but I am legit desperate. I know he does not need to eat for 20 minutes in the middle of the night…especially when he is taking 10 ounces and cereal and a fruit or vegetable with 2 hours of going to bed. Logically, I get it. Oh, but my heart aches for my little guy. I have abandonment issues apparently.

Monday night Ryan cried for 25 minutes. Last night, 15.
I am hoping by Friday the habit will be broken and we all will be sleeping soundly.

Now, if only my 4 year old would sleep through the night. Awesome.

Ryan is wearing size 18 month clothes. This is much bigger than Megan was at 8 months and she is now a giant. This leads me to believe that Ryan will be breaking Guinness Book of World Records. Hopefully we can get a reality show about it or something. We need the cash.

Said baby is huge but meeting zero milestones. He only rolls over occasionally, he can sit up but refuses to crawl, and I am pretty sure he will not do anything because he is always being picked up and coddled by his brother and sister. They might love him to death before his first birthday.

We are in the middle of a two week diaper study. When I sign up for these studies I am always lured in by the cash they pay (see #3). I have amnesia when it comes to the fact that you have to weigh and bag all used diapers, record every aspect of the diaper, and sometimes the diapers just suck.



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