Question of the Day

What do you do with all the Easter candy you have left over in your house?

We are blessed with a lot of family who love our kids more then life itself.  With that, every holiday is a “mini-Christmas” for them.  It is awesome and generous and amazing.  It is also over-whelming and crazy and insane.

TWELVE Easter baskets floated through our house…three from the Easter bunny (us), six from the grandparents on both sides of the family and three from a favorite aunt.  My brother decided give gift cards to Target this year which was a blessing.

Believe me, I appreciate everything!  The kids god awesome swim suits, new clothes and shoes, and a lot of fun outdoor play things (especially BUBBLES, my favorite!)

But the candy, oh the candy.  We have so much that I gave a gallon bag full of it to a family in need and we still have a ton sitting around.  Not good for me or for anyone in our family.

So, what do you do with all the candy???


One thought on “Question of the Day

  1. Beth's mom says:

    Dear Lizzy Make a dish for the school and the rest can go in the trash. Lets face it keeping it around is just an excuse for us to nibble more. I bought the kids candy weeks ahead of time and had to buy it all over again. We are addicts no worse or no better than each other..Love The Mother of all addicts

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