Happy This Week

I feel like I look at everything so doom and gloom lately and I have no idea why.  My life is so awesome!

I am stealing from one of my favorite bloggers this week to tell you all the things that are making me happy!

Exercise and eating right have been a top priority this week and you know what? I feel a million times better physically and it has given me a major mental boost!

Date night tonight.  Yes! We have passed the kids off to different family members and will be going on a double date with a fun (new to me) couple.  I might even have a drink (CRAZY!!!)

Open-toed shoes.  I love me a flip flop and once spring break is over I bust out all of my cute summery shoes.

Manicures.  I have been treating myself (with Gift Cards) to manicures about every three weeks for the past few months and I love it!  They lift my mood and make me feel so pretty.

Baseball and soccer season has started.  While this is somewhat stressful for me, I love watching my kids grow and play and achieve in physical activities. 

Megan had kindergarten testing this week and she will be with me at school next year.  So fun!

Tyler is hilarious, even when he is being a stinker.  This week he told me, “Tyler is my name, climbing is my game.” Where does he get that from?????

Baby Ryan makes me happy all the time.  He is, seriously, the happiness, most content baby I know.  His smile and laugh is totally contagious!




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