Days Interrupted

a strange fever/slight illness/kind of a stomach flu is passing though our home. I have not had it, but everyone else has.  It’s latest victim is Megan…

She is missing a play date this morning and the sad look on her face about killed me.  Hence, I let her have the iPad because, tears.

Summer so far has been everything I have wanted it to be.  Lazy mornings, days at the pool, Kings Island, and later bed times.  It has been glorious.

We are pool people.  It is our happy place and has been the thing I loved most about summer since I was a kid.  I am planning on doing some swim lessons soon because everyone could use it. Megan is advanced enough this year to go off the diving board, down the slides, and climb the rock wall. She is an official big girl. Tyler is so much more comfortable in the pool then he was last summer. And Ryan is just a joy all the time.

I do love summer.

Oh, and this happened…