A Big First Day

Megan started Kindergarten last week and as I was looking back on blog posts over the last three (WOW, 3!!!) I loved to see my kids first day pictures. That is the greatest thing about a blog; keeping and preserving memories.

That uniform, those shoes...I die

That uniform, those shoes…I die

So Meg started school without a whole lot of dramatics.  She loves her teacher, she is learning new things, and meeting new friends is one of her greatest pleasures in life.  Her love language, if you will.

I thought I would be more emotional…even sad…when this day came.  But honestly, she was ready and she made this day so much easier than I could have ever imagined.

I want to eat that face up all day long

I want to eat that face up all day long

We are starting a new season in our family. And while I still have Ryan to fill all my needs for baby snuggles, I am enjoying where our life is taking us.  Each day becomes a little bit easier as the children learn to be a little more independent. And while I know they will always need me, it is nice that they want to explore and experience on their on a bit.

Meggles, my big girl. I know this is the first of many things you will accomplish in your life.  Congrats on your first day, little sweetie!

Love her!

Love her!


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