I’ve lost it

I’ve lost the joy for blogging.

or maybe I am just too busy to blog…but I hate that excuse because if you really want to do something you will find the time to do it.

So I will say I have been busy and we have had some life events that are making things stressful.  Overall, though, I just find blogging to be more of a chore than a fun hobby. And I don’t want to do anything in my life that I don’t enjoy. So I will pop in when I feel like it and when I don’t I won’t. 

Anyhoo…Halloween happened and it was a good one. My kids are funny. 

Megan always has two costumes because she hates itchy things and once something feels itchy to her she never want to wear it again. (Newsflash…all costumes are itchy.) 

Tyler dresses up everyday on the regular so he announced, “this is my word you are just living in it.” Before trick or treat began.

Any Ryan, oh baby Ryan. He is cute. Always.