My Little 100 Year Old Lady!

Megan is a 100 days smarter today! In honor of the 100th day of school her Kindergarten class dressed as 100 year old people. Too much cuteness!!!!!

She said she was lucky because not everyone in her class actually knew someone who was 100 years old (Aunt Ruth). I love that she has memories with my sweet auntie!

Megan is amazing with numbers and she is starting to read and the world is opening up to her and I love watching it and being a part of this journey!

This weekend we will register Tyler for Kindergarten (hold me!!!) and I really can’t wait to see what is in store for him!

Ryan Robert

Ryan turned 18 months old and is just as cute as a button. He seriously makes my heart swoon. I never thought I could love another child as much as the first two, but, alas, he has expanded my heart in such a way that I smile just thinking about it.


this is how he is SUPER HAPPY!

He is a BIG BOY, wearing mostly 2T/3T clothing. He is in the 100% in height and 89% in weight. So big!


obligatory doctor visit photo

He loves his naps and he is the best sleeper in the house (thank the Lord!). He loves to eat green beans and chicken and noodles and eggs. And he LOVES playing with his brother and sister.


an oldie but a goodie

Oh baby RyRy you make life so so good!