Tyler Turns Five

How in the world did my baby boy turn 5??? Now we all know that Ryan is the baby of our family, but if you know Tyler Johnny well, you know that he actually is the baby. Even at five years old he is my cuddle-bug. He loves to be held “tight” and he loves to be carried around and he loves ending the day with a sippy cup of chocolate milk.

Tyler makes our days very interesting. He’s got the “Jeckle and Hyde” mentality going on ~ he is sweet as can be one minute and the BOOM temper tantrum…we are working on this.

Over-all he is a boy’s boy. He plays hard with friends, makes huge messes, and always has dirty finger nails.  He prefers pajamas (or being naked) over clothes. And he loves to play dress up super heroes, baseball, football, and wrestling (especially his dad)

I love him more each day of his life and and honored that I get to see him grow up.

Happy birthday, sweet boy! I love you to the moon and back!