My Kids

I just wanted to take a moment to write about the little darlings in my life.

Megan and Tyler and Ryan make my life super fun and full and busy and crazy. They are awesome and sometimes naughty. Each has a very distinct personality which is something I love…they all came from me but are so distinct.

Megan is six and in kindergarten. She is caring and loving and friendly. She loves school and wants her teacher (and everyone) to like her so she is a rule follower through and through. After school everyday she is exhausted and takes it out on me (I forgive her) but after a short nap, usually in the car, she is back to her self.  She is athletic and also into the arts and she wants to do and try everything (just like her mommy). Megan is expressive and amazing and I just love her so much!

Tyler is five and currently in Pre-K. He would rather spend all his time in pajamas than anything else. He is feisty and driven and doesn’t have a care in the world. Currently he hates school and does not like listening to his teacher or doing what she says. But, he is quiet and introverted and you would never know this about him. Tyler is happy playing any sports, wrestling with his dad or his friends, and dressing up in super hero costumes. He is a looker…that blonde hair stops you in your tracks. Tyler is also a lover and likes to be “held tight” when he is faking asleep. Ryan is the baby but Tyler is OUR baby for sure.

Ryan is currently twenty months old and is not in school yet. He is getting so big and so cute. The baby stage is coming to an end for our little (big) baby and we are definitely entering toddlerhood. I do not want to wish the baby stage away for any reason, but I am starting to see how much easier things are getting the more he grows. Ryan is the sweetest little guy. He loves giving kisses and hugs and cuddles. While he doesn’t say much, you know exactly what he wants at all times. His favorite thing to do is be left alone but that doesn’t happen often. He enjoys strolling in the park, exploring new things, and running away with a dirty diaper. Ha! 



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