Month #4: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

To say slow and steady wins the race would be true for me I this journey. While I would love to lose 20 pounds a month, that is just not realistic. I will take a loss for a loss and I have to be happy with this. My doctor is very pleased with how things are going, so I feel good about that. 

The Good:

  • I lost weight! 7 pounds gone this month for a total of 29.4 pounds since December.
  • Fitting into shorts that I haven’t been able to wear since 2006. Yay me.
  • Overall I am feeling so great…more energy, better movement overall, and happier mentally.
  • Zero anxiety issues this past month. A miracle.

The Bad:

  • I still think I can do better on my diet. I always kill it the last week before weigh-in and if I was just more consistent I would lose more weight.
  • I am sooooo busssssyyyyyy!!!

The Ugly

  • The husband’s schedule changes in May and I will have to take a haitus from my morning workout routine.
  • Summer is coming and I am still nowhere close to swimsuit shape. Blerg.


this picture does nothing for me