When Sickness Fills the Home

I believe I have watched approximately 75 episodes of Pretty Little Liars over the course of this 2 week break. I am completely addicted to that show and all that it is about. I cannot figure out any of the plot twists until they happen, I am invested in all of the characters and I love their clothes, shoes and nails to name a few things. I am obsessed. well done, ABC Family, well done.

I never understood where people found the time to watch so much TV, but now I do. Come down with strep throat, sinus infection, and double ear infections all while being pregnant and it will knock you down so hard that you will not be able to do anything else. I have literally been sitting in a chair or laying in my bed for the past five days. I am finally starting to feel better today and I use the term “better” very loosely…meaning, I can swallow without pain and the coughing has slightly subsided. Oh, the coughing. I thought it would be the end of me. Not only because it brought on waves of wicked nausea but it also brought back ye old weak bladder, if you know what I mean. TMI. I get it.

Christmas was wonderful. Our kids are spoiled. So are we. The highlight was having both sides of the family at our house for Christmas Day. I have never hosted such an elaborate feast, but I loved every minute of it. We have spent a lot of time holed up in our house for several reasons…first and foremost because it has been so freakishly cold and snowy here. We also had flooding in our basement which lead to a lot of work (on the hubby’s part) and Tyler has had the stomach flu.

Life. You just have to roll with it.

20140103-135554.jpgShe looked like a princess for Christmas Eve Mass

Otherwise, things are pretty status quo over here. We are soaking up our last few days of freedom before commitments take over. I will be back hopefully tomorrow with my first official pregnancy update. I never did those with Megan or Tyler so I think it will be fun to start a new tradition for this little bit.

Hope you all are feeling happy and healthy in the start of 2014!

Honesty is the Best Policy

To be perfectly honest…


…I hate a mess and I cannot stand clutter, so when my housework begins to fall, so does my mindset.

…my favorite time of the day is taking the kids up for baths.  In our house it is the calm before the storm.

…I could eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger every.single.day. if I let myself.  I love them that much.

…I get annoyed very easily.

…life feels so short, but most days feel very long…especially at bed time.

…this weekend I spent only 5 minutes Christmas shopping but I spent about an hour on oldnavy.com buying things for myself on Monday.

…there are too many fun things to do over the next few weeks and I am worried I won’t get to them all.

…currently I am keeping a lot of secrets that I hope to spill to the Internet after the first of the year.

…one of my students asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor and I was so honored I cried.

…another of my students is going through a lot at home and she reached out to me today. 

…I get so bored with exercise and I tend to complain a lot…so, today I am mixing it up and going swimming.

…we need to get Christmas pictures taken but I find the whole process to be so annoying!!!!!

…I forgot to pay my Kohl’s charge this morning…when they called me I was shocked.

…I want a house make-over for Christmas…that’s all.

Merry and Bright


We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. It was filled with just the right amount of running and visiting and hanging out at home. There were many highlights, but I think the best part of the extended holiday was being with the people I love.

20121228-080004.jpgespecially these two

We will continue our celebration this weekend as we head to one of my oldest, dearest friend’s home for an old fashioned family get-together. There will only be a couple of my girlfriends and their families missing (they live far far away!). It is going to be a lot of fun. It’s strange to look at life now and see all of the girls I spent so much time growing up with. I have been friends with many of my girls since we rode to kindergarten together a million years ago (more like 30). Now we have our own lives and are own families, but we are like an extension of each other and I just love it.

For now, I will photo bomb this post with some great pictures from the last few days…

20121228-080514.jpgTy’s favorite gift..Buzz Lightyear!!!!!!

20121228-080606.jpgMegan as a princess

20121228-080726.jpgopening presents…he “got it” this year

20121228-080816.jpgshe was very neat about opening gifts

The Most Wonderful Time…

The eve of Christmas Eve…oh how I love this day. I feel like this is the calm before the storm. There is nothing really going on except cleaning and shopping and just hanging out. Football is on (Go Bengals!) and I am in the middle of making Crock-Pot Candies and homemade Buckeyes. Life is good. Megan is running around in her undies and Tyler is trying on every pair of shoes he can find. I tell ya, it is true bliss. Like a Norman Rockwell painting…only not.

20121223-150812.jpgWe make Buckeyes every year together per family tradition..oh, and Santa loves them!

I am in a good place. A happy place. I love my life. I am blessed. This may or may not be my last blog post until the new year. I am off work until January 3rd and am planning on unplugging for a few days. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time playing and visiting with people I love. I am also going to write down the ups and downs of 2012 and a few goals for 2013.

I wish all of you in the Internet a very Merry Christmas! Peace and joy and live to you and yours!

Christmas is Not Just a Day

I make it a point to always say “Merry Christmas!”. You will never hear me say “Happy Holidays” and I will never apologize for my beliefs.

In our household, Christmas is a way of life. It is not just a date on the calendar but a start to a new year in Christ. We celebrate Christmas every Sunday when we gather with our community in prayer. We live Christmas when we give of our time, talent and treasure throughout the year. Christmas is an attitude of living each day to the greater glory of God. Christ is in my heart 365 days a year and I am installing that feeling into my children daily.

Christmas Day may be filled with too many presents to count and more food than should be consumed in one day. We have spent the last few weeks preparing ourselves for this special day just as we would prepare for a very special birthday for any of our children. We will celebrate with family and friends, but we will also spend time in prayer and worship celebrating the greatest human being who ever lived.

Born in a barn to teenage parents with no money or food or social standing in the world, this precious babe grew to be the most known person in history. Christian or not, everyone knows who Jesus was and who he is. Doesn’t his mere existence teach us a huge lesson about the possibilities everyone has in this world? And his motto of being a servant for others teaches a lesson in service without speaking in words.

So in preparing myself for the coming of our savior I have promised myself that I will spend more time smiling than stressing about presents…I will spend more time dancing than standing over a stove…and I will spend more time affirming my love for people than shopping for the perfect gift. I believe the perfect gift is one that does not have to be purchased but is the gift of the presence of our loved ones, both friends and family.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”~Isaiah 24:15<!

I want to write…but I have been sick for 100 days!

Unfortunately, this blog has taken a back burner to the non-stop, very annoying, monster flu of 2012. This is week number 6 of heavy cough, sneezing, upset stomach, sore throat, running nose, over-all ick! There is not amount of penicillin, Z-pack, NyQuil, Tylenol Cold and Sinus, or anything else that will cure me of this horrid state that I am in…and every morning I think I am going to be better and everyday is a disappointment. I feel like my life has been on hold since the week before Thanksgiving. Oh, and don’t worry, the kids have the same thing…so it is just a hot mess in my neck of the woods.

In between illness and despair and horribleness we have had some fun! And Christmas blessings! And travels! No no no, my family will not let the plague stop us from having the best holiday season ever! The question is…where do I start?

I guess I wil start a couple of weeks ago. In Cincinnati the Ohio National Insurance Group does an awesome Christmas Village every year. When we went the weather was great and I only had one sick kid (Ty = ear infection) and the kids loved it. Megan went especially crazy over the train ride to and from the festivities. It was amazing. She also loved hanging on the displayed and acting like she had never been out of the house before. Tyler loved holding onto me for dear life. Per his M.O.

20121210-172011.jpg Ty is creeping in the red vest

We also headed up to Canton, OH for the Ohio High School State Final football game. Many of my former students play for Cincinnati Moeller and I wanted to get up there and cheer those boys on! They did not disappoint. Moeller creamed their opponents and I might have just gotten a bit teary-eyed when I saw those boys hold up the trophy. I am so pleased not only that they are stellar athletes, but men for others as well. Megan slept through the whole game (Meg = unknown illness that deserves a post in itself). I had to get a picture of Ty with the field behind him. We all know he is going to be on that field in 16 short years.

20121210-200751.jpg can’t you see that smile on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

This past weekend we went to the UAW “Breakfast with Santa.” Can I just say, it was incredible. D you remember when you were little and you went to and old fashioned Christmas Party? It was just like that!!!! Every kids got a little present and went to different stations for craft projects and cake walks and make your own hand print ornament and all sorts of fun stuff. I love things that are family -centered and fun for everyone. It was such a wonderful time. We will be back year after year after year. Megan was a trooper and walked right up to Santa to get her request in for a “Pizza Kitchen!!!” and “Doc McStuffins doctor kit!!!!!” And she even wanted them painted on her cheeks…precious, I tell you.

20121210-172117.jpgshe settled on a snowman!

I am hoping this week I will return to a regular blogging schedule…but we will see, it depends on if coughing takes over my life…again.

A Smart Solution!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I blogged about Megan taking over my iPad?  It has really been a problem for me because I do want to have at least one thing in my house that is mine (okay, call me greedy!).  Well,  over the weekend a solution has been found.



Those Vtech people, they are so smart.  They designed the Innotab2 as a relatively inexpensive ($99 compared to a $500 iPad), less breakable, so cool solution for parents everywhere with my issue!  I love them!  I could kiss them!  They are not sponsoring this post (who am I kidding?!?) but if they wanted to send me all kinds of free stuff to keep and review I would gladly accept!!!!!

Megan and Tyler are going to be proud owners of this awesome device (they are each getting one…we do not share well in our household of 3 and almost 2!)  from Uncle Denny for Christmas.  He is beyond happy because he has been looking for an awesome learning toy for each of them.  I am insanely happy because I will have my property back.  Uncle Denny and Vtech for the win!

I have a feeling this is going to be the best Christmas to date.  It is like I am getting an iPad all over again!  Horray!!!!