Catching Up

I have been a real blog slacker…like, whoa.

I have said before that sometimes it gets hard for me to think of things to write, and I guess that is the case now.


Changes have been happening in our little family.

Shawn took a new position in his company and his schedule, albeit different, seems like a better fit for all of us.  He is now home more days during the week and working every other weekend. It makes him happy because he is able to participate more in the kids’ lives and we are able to see each other more.  I must admit, so far so good on my end too.

 Tyler is growing up.  We took down his crib last weekend and replaced it with an awesome baseball bed that Shawn and his dad made.  It is truly a piece of art and Tyler is thrilled…if we could only get him to sleep in it, that would be amazing.


Megan and Tyler fell off the side of a cart at Hobby Lobby last weekend.  They are fine.  Just noting, this is the second time this has happened in the past month (they don’t learn their lessons!).  Now, Megan says her arm is “broken” and needs constant attention.  Shawn made her a fake cast and she thinks it is the best thing that has ever happened to her.  I must admit, when I was a little one I loved having band-aides and fake casts myself.

 Speaking of Megan, she has been learning nursery rhymes in pre-school.  This week she memorized “Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon” and it performing it for the whole class.  Holy adorable.


Is there anyone else super excited about Thanksgiving????  It might be my favorite holiday.  I love how much sitting/laying around is involved.  I also love that my girlfriends meet the Wednesday before for dinner.  It has been a tradition for at least the last nine years, maybe more.  It is such a great way to start the holiday.  This year our full group will be there…from near and far.  I couldn’t be more happy.  We all need this.

 My father in law had to have a heart procedure done this morning.  His heart has been in afib for quite a while and he was not responding to medication.  So, this morning he had his heart shocked back into rhythm.  Thank God everything went according to textbook and he is doing great.  I don’t talk about him much but I just love Big John.

Finally, I feel like I am in a bit of a slump.  Since the time change I have been so exhausted.  There is just a lot going on in my life personally and professionally that is making sleep difficult and getting up even more of a challenge.  I am hoping the start of the “holiday season” will better my mood and put me in a more positive place.


You Can’t Please Everyone

You can’t please everyone…

I have been thinking about that statement a lot lately. My whole life I have felt like I was pulled in many different directions. Mostly it has been self-imposed because I am a “yes” person, but more recently I have let the reactions of other people rule my mood; and I don’t like it.

This weekend someone said something very nasty about me behind my back, to my mom. Specifically, it was about my weight and how every time she sees me my clothes look tighter and tighter.
And when it was repeated to me I was very hurt by the comment. In fact, I almost cried about it.

Then I thought to myself, who is this person to judge me? In fact, I have lost 20 pounds since August. And I am working out daily. And I am feeling good. Am I really going to let someone control my emotions and how I feel about myself?
And, so I got over it.

My mom may never get over it.

I also have a problem with letting people’s reactions get the best of me. I try my best to include everyone and to make people feel welcome and appreciated. I don’t live in the same city as many of my family and friends do, so when I have something going on not everyone can come. I am no longer going to feel bad about that. I am going to live the life that I am craving for me and for my family. I cannot control how other people feel about me.

In better news…
I have been purging my house room by room. It has been awesome. Shawn added to the fun this weekend by cleaning out his clothes in the closet. I am proud of him…that is not something he likes to do, but he did it and I know he felt good about it when he was finished. I have two small projects left (guest room closet and Megan’s closet) and then it is on to the garage and the basement which might take all winter, but I am going to do it. By spring I want to move on to our first large project since moving into our home. We are going to re-decorate the living room which includes new flooring, new paint, new wiring, new furniture and possibly a built in. WOW writing that down makes it seem like a huge undertaking. Young House Love I am not J

Anyways, I feel better getting all of that off my chest. I am looking forward to a fabulous week. After all, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!


Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today I married my best friend.
Nine years ago today I was standing in the back of St. Brendan’s church peeking through the blinds as my favorite people flooded into the church. I always wanted to get married in a packed church full of the people I loved the most. I wanted to walk through those double doors, with my dad holding on to me for support, and watch the sea of people smiling and crying tears of joy for me, for us. I wanted to navigate through those people and end up in the front with the man I loved; the one God intended for me.

We might not have the perfect marriage by the book, but in my eyes we have a perfect marriage for us. When he walks into the room I still feel butterflies deep in my belly. He has made my dreams come true. I don’t often express how much I love Shawn, but I do…very much.


It’s Another Monday!

I know I say this all the time, but time is really flying by. October is passing in a blink and I am not ready for the craziness of the holidays yet. Time. Just stop. Seriously.

We had a great weekend full of lots of fun and a good amount of down time. Megan went on her first sleepover and we sent Tyler off to Grandma’s which led to our first kid-free night since Megan came into our world (I am pretty sure). We had an awesome dinner out and and even better evening just hanging by ourselves at home. But, I must admit, I missed my little ones. I was glad to pick them up Sunday morning.

We also attended our first costume party of the season and it delivered. Big time. Meg was LaLaLoopsey and Ty was Batman (obvi)…they might have been the cutest kids there…in my opinion, anyway.


On Sunday we watched my nephew’s last peewee football game and had a lazy afternoon with family. Just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and last week Tyler had his first dentist appointment. My kids love the dentist. That is weird to me.


Hope you all had a great weekend and are gearing up for an even better week. I have conferences this week, so it will be busy but good. No work Friday. WooHoo!

I should add, I have become a morning exerciser. It has been over 28 days so I will consider it a habit. Call me crazy, but I kind of love it. I feel so amazing all day long. The first five minutes (getting up) is always the hardest but once I am out of bed it is up and up from there. Oh, and my clothes are fitting so much better. Yay for progress.

Anyone else easing into a new regiment this fall?

Monday, Monday

Our weekend was great. We did so many neat things and wore the kids (and ourselves) out! My mom was here on Friday night and she was able to watch the kids for a few hours so I could get out of the house. I went to a Tupperware party and then shopping for a bit. When I came home the house was cleaned, my kids were cleaned and everyone was ready for bed. Perfect, I tell you!
Saturday we went to Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! So.Much.Fun. I have never been and I don’t know why because it was incredible! The food was amazing, the entertainment was great, and Megan & Tyler had a ball. Shawn and Megan also made it on to the official website which was cool.

20130923-195606.jpg why, yes, we did indulge in a fried PB&J…and it was a delicious as you might imagine it to be.

We also had plenty of time at home which was nice because we have a million not-so-fun-but-have-to-get-done jobs to do…this included weeding (which I hate), spraying for spiders (Gross!), cleaning out a storage area in our basement (which flooded and we needed to deal with), and deep cleaning our kitchen (which was necessary). All of those jobs stink because there is no real “WOW, this looks great!” moment when you are finished. In fact, our garage is such a disaster because we have to throw away a million things and garbage day is not until Wednesday. Hopefully once that is all gone things will be looking up.

All this work did put me in “purge mode” and for that I am thankful. We have so much crap in our house. Tons of storage has made it very easy for us to save all the things for the last seven nine years. Now I am in a place where I just want to rid myself of everything!!!!!

I wish my job was just to work on our house. Then I might have a snowball chance in you know what to get everything checked off my list. Until then, I will work on things little by little.

update: when I pulled up to our house this afternoon I did notice a difference in the landscaping. I am taking this as a small victory.

The Everyday Blessings

So much to say, so little time.
This week has kicked my butt.

I am currently sitting in my kitchen with cinnamon rolls in the oven and the sound of my little guy singing along to Doc McStuffins in the background. Life is good right at this moment.

This week I took my baby to Pre-School orientation. A few moments of “how did this happen?” and a couple of tears later (by me, not her) and she was sitting in her classroom doing a puzzle like it was no big deal. Megan is awesome. I got a winner.



An hour later we were off to her first tap class…this was one of those full-circle moments that I had to step back and realize this is my life. I am her mother. I am so lucky. I started dance tap class when I was four. I loved it every week. The feel of the shoes, the leotard and tights, the smell of the room…and now, as I pass the torch to my daughter, my hope and prayer is that she loves life just as much even more than I did as a child.


My little ones are growing up. I am in complete denial that one week from today my Megan will be four. I just cant conceptualize it. Sometimes it feels like time is moving so slow in the day to day and then you stop for a moment and look around and wonder why things moved so fast. I guess this is just how life is.

Since starting back to work I have really tried to be present in everything I do. My goal for the school year was to teach with passion and purpose and carry this mantra into my home as well. I am also working on being the best version of myself whether it be in work, home, or my own well-being.

We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend back in Western New York. We spent so much time with people we love. My family, near and far, are such a blessing. When we travel “home” it always feels like no time has passed. And my Auntie is holding strong at 98. She is smart as a whip and watching her interact with my children is amazing. She is the last of that generation and I want to soak her up.


Finally, I feel like I owe one dedicated paragraph to this guy…

The only time he will sit still for a picture is when he is strapped into his car seat. Word.
He is a little fireball that has so much energy and passion that he is unstoppable. We say all the time, “he is lucky he is so cute” because his behavior is questionable at best…but then he stops and gives the biggest kisses and monster hugs and it is like all is right in the world. I love that little cuddle monster.

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of soaking up my family. Enjoy!


I feel like we have been on vacation for weeks, but we were really only gone thirty six hours. Shawn suggested we take the kids camping this summer. I am not a camper. I do love to be outside and I enjoy hiking and swimming in the lake and campfires and such. However, I do not like no running water, toilets, etc. So, we had the best of both worlds when we visited Indian Lake Camp Grounds in Batesville, IN this weekend.

We rented an efficiency cabin that included two beds, two roll away cots, a galley kitchen and a bathroom…oh, and air conditioning. Camping in a tent…definitely it was not. But for me, it was roughing it in the best possible way.


They had an old school playground that Megan just went crazy over and Tyler loved running around in the buff after swimming in the lake. I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was having too much fun living in the moment. It really was such a fantastic weekend…Meg kept asking if we could come back “tomorrow.”

20130805-080907.jpgThese two. I love that picture. They were saying we’re best friends all weekend. Too cute.

Now I am sitting in kitchen with a bad cough, running nose and a fever. And I have to work today (three hour conference). So I think I am just going to chill for a few hours and re-evaluate after the conference if I should work out or just take the day off.

Last week was a fantastic week for me exercise and food-wise. And it showed on the scale. I was so proud of myself for keeping on track since feeling really down last week. I know it is a journey and I have to keep moving forward no matter what.

On a side note, I did a little back to school shopping with my mom last week. We found some really cute things and they may have been a size smaller than the clothes I was trying on in the spring. Non scale victories are sometimes better than loss of pounds!