A Little Help From My Friends

This summer has been one of the best I have ever had. I finally feel like I am in a groove with a lot of things. I have a loose schedule that I follow and things that I want to accomplish everyday, but as I said before, I really only have two goals. Having fun has really been in the back of my mind everyday. WhenI go back to work (in five week, eek!) I want to look back on the summer with no regrets…that I spent every day loving life and being there for the people I love.

Being a stay at home mom (temporarily) brings immense happiness, joy, love, laughter, tears, heartache, body ache, and many more feelings everyday. Kids are so unpredictable but predictable at the same time. Am I making sense?

This weekend I was able to step out of my role as mom and into girlfriend mode. Six of my girls hung out this weekend for a little “staycation” in downtown Cincinnati. Originally we got together to see Dave Matthews Band, but it turned out to be so much more. The concert was amazing and DMB never disappoints. But the bonding time I had with my girlfriends is something I needed and I treasure and I love. We had too many laughs, a few cries, and just a weekend that I will be smiling about for a long time to come.

Every time we are together it is like no time has passed at all. Most of these women I have been friends with for over twenty years and a few I have been best friends with my whole life; like over thirty years…oh my, we are getting old…and the foundation of friendship that I have is priceless to me. I hope in another thirty years we are still planning get-together a with each other.

I will leave today with a couple of great pictures from the weekend. I am back home now and in mom and wife mode, but I am still smiling. Being with my girls was exactly what I needed!