Summer Lovin’

Man, I can’t believe I have not posted again in a while. It seems like every time I want to sit down and write something I just never get it done.

Along with the rest of the country, we have been having the most amazing weather this summer. It has really only been horribly hot for about a week out of the whole summer. Now it is back to 80 and sunny with no humidity. I am not naive enough to think this will last forever, but I am scooping it up and trying to do as many fun outdoor activities as I can. Because, we know fun outdoor activities lead to this…

Welcome back three hour naps, I have missed you!!!!

We have been exploring local parks and new ice cream stands and even hiking a bit. It has been fun to find new things to do. I have lived here for almost nine years, but I feel like this is the first summer I have really explored my city. Good times.



Every night when I put the kids to bed I look back on the day and smile. My “have fun” mentality of this summer has really brought out the best in me. And my kids.

So, yet again, not a great post, but a post none the less. At some point I am going to really get back into this whole blogging thing. Not this weekend, though. My family is coming in from Buffalo for a night and then I am spending quality time with my BFF. So happy about it!