Chippy the Elf

This is the first year tat Megan and Tyler have been into our Elf on the Shelf, Chippy. It has been fun watching the magic of Christmas through there eyes. Plus, also, we have enjoyed trying to be a little creative!

Here are one highlights…

20131215-103959.jpgChippy in a bowl of marshmallows with Barbie…this was Shawn’s idea and the kids loved it!

20131215-104113.jpgChipping in the Nativity…Megan loves the Nativity Story and always looks for baby Jesus so it was neat to see her expression.

20131215-104220.jpgChippy hugging on Megan’s soccer picture.

20131215-104307.jpgChippy hanging from the dining room light fixture…Tyler kept climbing on the chairs to try and touch him!

All in all, it has been fun! We not be pin-worthy, but are kids love it and that is all that matters.