Thoughts on a Thursday

Thoughts on a Thursday (in list form):
1. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy, day by day, little by little.
2. I love wearing my hair in a bun but my 2:00 pm my head is KILLING me!
3. Last Sunday I made the most awesome crab-corn chowder. I wish I had written down my recipe.
4. When Tyler enters a room, he puts his hands on his hips and yells, “dun-dun-dun” and I laugh every.single.time.
5. I had a surprise ultrasound yesterday. It never gets old seeing the baby in your tummy. Never.
6. Tonight I am a “guest griller” at BD Mongolian BBQ. Super excited about it.
7. I feel super trendy and super cute today. My students have noticed my effort.
8. Packing a lunch is my most annoying task of the day. I hate packing because by 12:45 I do not want what I packed.
9. I wish my husband and I could have a date night, but that just never seems to happen.
10. I am tired of the snow. That’s all.

20140116-155340.jpgTy in action in his undies…I owe you a potty training post.

20140116-155424.jpgAnd one of Megan…just because.

Honesty is the Best Policy

To be perfectly honest…


…I hate a mess and I cannot stand clutter, so when my housework begins to fall, so does my mindset.

…my favorite time of the day is taking the kids up for baths.  In our house it is the calm before the storm.

…I could eat a McDonald’s cheeseburger if I let myself.  I love them that much.

…I get annoyed very easily.

…life feels so short, but most days feel very long…especially at bed time.

…this weekend I spent only 5 minutes Christmas shopping but I spent about an hour on buying things for myself on Monday.

…there are too many fun things to do over the next few weeks and I am worried I won’t get to them all.

…currently I am keeping a lot of secrets that I hope to spill to the Internet after the first of the year.

…one of my students asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor and I was so honored I cried.

…another of my students is going through a lot at home and she reached out to me today. 

…I get so bored with exercise and I tend to complain a lot…so, today I am mixing it up and going swimming.

…we need to get Christmas pictures taken but I find the whole process to be so annoying!!!!!

…I forgot to pay my Kohl’s charge this morning…when they called me I was shocked.

…I want a house make-over for Christmas…that’s all.

Back to Reality

Holy sleep, Batman!
Tyler slept for a whopping 14 hours last night. Poor little guy, the Holiday must have really taken it out of him.
He woke up this morning smiling and happy, so I guess it was necessary.

Thanksgiving weekend was an awesome display of just the right amount of doing and resting. I decided this year to avoid any Black Friday madness, opting instead to hang and play with the kiddos. It was glorious. We went outside and played (freak act of nature and it was 55 degrees yesterday), watched several Christmas movies (The Elf of the Shelf and Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer were tops!), and just enjoyed being together. Shawn decorated the house for Christmas while we were gone on Wednesday, so he relieved a lot of stress there.

My girlfriends met for dinner on Wednesday night and it was lovely. I just find being in their company to be so wonderful. I wish we could do it more. Some of my girls and I have been friends for 33 years! That is amazing to me. Many have been with me for 20. I love that…wherever life takes us we are always together (at least in spirit!).

Chippy the Elf made his appearance this weekend. I will hopefully remember to take pictures and post pictures of his antics. I love this tradition and the kids do too! So far he has been stuck in our Christmas wreath and in a hot tub of marshmallows with Rapunzel Barbie (the Chippy is a little frisky!).

Coming back to work after the extended weekend was not so bad after all. I have a lot planned for my students in this short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break. Eek…already looking forward to that LONG two weeks off!!!!!

It’s Another Monday!

I know I say this all the time, but time is really flying by. October is passing in a blink and I am not ready for the craziness of the holidays yet. Time. Just stop. Seriously.

We had a great weekend full of lots of fun and a good amount of down time. Megan went on her first sleepover and we sent Tyler off to Grandma’s which led to our first kid-free night since Megan came into our world (I am pretty sure). We had an awesome dinner out and and even better evening just hanging by ourselves at home. But, I must admit, I missed my little ones. I was glad to pick them up Sunday morning.

We also attended our first costume party of the season and it delivered. Big time. Meg was LaLaLoopsey and Ty was Batman (obvi)…they might have been the cutest kids there…in my opinion, anyway.


On Sunday we watched my nephew’s last peewee football game and had a lazy afternoon with family. Just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and last week Tyler had his first dentist appointment. My kids love the dentist. That is weird to me.


Hope you all had a great weekend and are gearing up for an even better week. I have conferences this week, so it will be busy but good. No work Friday. WooHoo!

I should add, I have become a morning exerciser. It has been over 28 days so I will consider it a habit. Call me crazy, but I kind of love it. I feel so amazing all day long. The first five minutes (getting up) is always the hardest but once I am out of bed it is up and up from there. Oh, and my clothes are fitting so much better. Yay for progress.

Anyone else easing into a new regiment this fall?

Are Bloggers Liars?

I read a lot of blogs. I know people who read more than I do, but I feel like I read a lot of them. But sometimes I read blogs and think, “Is this really your life? Are you making this up?” I re-read and I still think the writer is not telling the entire truth or is making some details up because they want more comments or more attention or more something.

I think I have said this before but I don’t think anyone has the perfect marriage or the perfect children or the perfect life. I think you can fabricate paragraphs and take awesome pictures and life looks grande. I think you can want your life the appear perfect and it can.

I also think you can go the opposite way and make your life seem so doom and gloom and live for the comments where people feel sorry for you or express sympathy for what you are going through. Again, I have to think that if your life was that horrible, why would you want to put it out there for the world to see? Tragedy loves company, I guess.

I don’t think of these bloggers as liars, per say. But, I do think that there are a lot of people in this world who are starving for attention. I feel sorry for people who need the validation of strangers in order to feel like they have made it in life. Not everyone has something interesting to say. When I don’t have anything to write, I simply do not post an entry.

And when I think people are lying Ido not comment and call them out on it. I just have a quick chuckle to myself and then I move on.

The Beginning of the End…of Summer

It has been kind of crazy here for the last few days because my mom is visiting. When my mom visits we are go go go all the time. Not that my days are not busy without her; but when she comes in town I likes to find “Stay-cation” things to do with her.

Megan finished up VBS yesterday with a cute little program. It was adorable…all the children had a singing and dancing party in front of the parents. It is yet another reason why I love my church and the community we are building. I kept imagining Megan as one of the teachers and how she is going to build fantastic friendships every summer of her life. I love fellowship and I do believe that it is the way to have a healthy Christian life. In fact, I often miss my single days when I was involved in a church small group. I keep wanting to get back into it, but with Shawn working nights it is not feasible in my schedule. Maybe someday.




I wish I had more to write about, but I really don’t. Life/summer is just moving was too quickly for my liking. I wish there was more than a month left of summer vacation. I know, that is such a selfish statement, but I just had to say it.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Oh, one more thing…my mom watched the kids while I got a pedicure. It has been years and felt so amazing. I wish I had a lot of money, because I would be getting a pedicure and a manicure every other week for sure.

You are welcome, Internet, I am sure everyone will sleep more soundly tonight having seen my feet!